Sunday, June 28, 2009

We had a nice week last week. I guess we always have nice weeks--unless I go on bedrest or Lee gets held up by gunpoint!

So what did we do? Let me think...just the normal stuff mainly. Clark finished summer school on Wednesday, so that is nice. Tuesday he went to a pool in Rolla and seemed to have fun. Sometimes I end up doing stuff that I say I will never do--like working out with all five kids. I really like working out in the morning, so I take the kids with me. It actually works out well because there is cableTV that the kids can watch while I walk/run. I could go in the afternoon by myself, but like I said, I much rather get it done with in the morning and then be with Lee in the afternoon and evening.

Thursday I made a jello dish to take to Home, Family and Personal Enrichment. Some of the kids got in it and make streaks all over it. Then Saturday morning Shanna and Haley took the rest of it (a glass 9x13 dish) into a downstairs shower and went to town on it. Home, Family and Personal Enrichment was very fun, by the way.

And since I'm going all over the place, on Monday we got a swing set from my friend Pamela! Thank YOU! Chris came over to help Lee move it. The kids like it, though it's been a bit on the hot side to play on during the day. Which reminds me that Saturday morning we went to Clark's school to play at the playground. We went too late (10 am) and we all ended up sitting in the shade and drinking water because it was so warm out.

Friday I was talking to Clark and I thought I saw a new adult tooth in his mouth. He had just one loose tooth, so it seemed weird. I asked him to show me his teeth. His "first" tooth had already grown in behind his loose one!

I think I want to by-pass the whole tooth fairy thing. I convinced Clark to let me pull it out and that when daddy came home Clark could go and get a treat. (So okay, money is healthier than a treat...) I tied dental floss around the base a gave one good tug. Clark was quite weary of what was about to happen. But the tooth came out right away! It flung into the air and we still can't find it. After a little shock and some blood, he was just fine. Of course after Clark got to pick out a treat Cal has been telling us that he as a loose tooth.

Last week about 8pm there was a baby racoon in our back tree...

Some pictures of Elden courtesy of Lee

Our first harvest from the garden spots my dad planted for us. We had a second harvest and it consisted of two green beans. We ate them today--YUM!

I took a few pictures before church this morning.

Clark is flinching because he thought Elden was going to spit up on him.

Gorgeous group!


Lois said...

Love the post!!! That is funny about Cal and the loose tooth. :)

Kelly said...

As always... love the pictures! You're amazing Ruth.

Photo Crazy! said...

YOu might be smart skipping the tooth fairy thing. He/she always forgets at our house! The kids look so darling in their church clothes.

Lisa and company said...

wow the girls are looking soooo grown up.

Tommie said...

Your kids are sooo precious!!! You crack me up about how casual you are about life with 5 kids! You are seriously the most relaxed person I know!! What a great mom you are!

Scogin Family said...

Love to hear that all is well. I am heading back to work on July 5 so I am enjoying my last few days alone with Sienna:)