Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Saturday, the 20th, we went to St. Louis. Lee and I swapped going to the temple to do sealings. After the temple we all went to Target and Cal spent some birthday money. Initially arriving at Target I went over to Whole Foods with the girls. I had never been to a Whole Foods store before. WOW. It was very fun. I will say, I am not an organic type of person. For one thing, EVERYTHING was organic at one point! I would definitely not pay $5 for a box of organic cereal, when a box for $1.50 can be had. But if one was looking for an out-of-the-ordinary ingredient, Whole Foods would be the place. They had real vanilla beans--not too surprising--and coconut flour! (The coconut flour, among LOTS of other things surprised me.) Also if you or your kids had allergies to wheat or dairy, there are many food choices and ingredients there that would make cooking very easy to do for people with allergies.

Here are pictures from last Saturday. The kids played at a park while I was in the temple. Lee said it was pretty hot out, so they didn't play on the playground too much. Plus there were a lot of other kids there. But they came across another turtle and enjoyed it!

After Target, we went to the St. Louis Zoo! After our many trips to St. Louis, we finally went to the zoo. What is great about it, it's free ALL THE TIME! And of course with us, we made it out of there without paying a dime. We did get our exercise though! We knew it cost $11 to park at the zoo, so when we saw the signs about the zoo, we parked out on the street where it was free. Once we got out and started walking I realized I made a big mistake. The zoo wasn't right next to the main road, but in a huge park. We walked 1 1/2 miles round-trip. Not too bad for the normal person. But with 5 kids and being in the upper 90s...not the best idea. Next time we will drive into the park area and park closer to the zoo entrance. We liked the zoo, though it is very big (...lots more walking!) It will be fun to go again.

Lee deserves the Father of the Year Award!

Notice that there aren't many pictures of Shanna? She will now say "Cheese" for the camera, but about the time she smiles and says cheese she turns her head right away. So, another fun picture of Haley for you!

Afterwards Clark told us how it was the best day ever. I am glad he had fun!


Melissa S. said...

Elden is getting soooooo big and handsome! Aren't zoos just the BEST for kids?!?!

Megan and Jeremy said...

How fun to find a turtle! My boys would've loved that. How far of a drive is St. Louis? I LOVE that city for lots of reasons but there's so much to do for families and a lot of it is free! There is a science museum for kids that's free and it has a walking bridge inside that goes over the freeway and the art museum is free too (at least back in 1999) So glad Clark had the best day ever :-)