Sunday, May 24, 2009

The whole kaboodle May 17, 2009

I cut my on the 16th...didn't turn out too bad.

On the 15th Lee took Clark and Cal on the Father and Son's Campout.

Earlier on the 15th, much to my sorrow, Jeff and Lois left after a week of being with us. They are now in the DC area! Watch out DC, the Heits have arrived!

You can that Jeff was quite popular here

One night Reed fell asleep in Elden's car seat

Reed seemed to enjoy being here.

Uncle Sam gave us a bunch of candy and one night I let the kids go to town on some chocolate

On Tuesday after Elden was discharged...a picture with one of my wonderful nurses while I was on bedrest.

Elden in an open crib...getting ready to go home! (May 12th)

Another one of my favorite nurses, Sally. When I said good-bye to her, it was like saying goodbye to my "hospital" mom. The picture turned out kind of weird.

Elden again in an open crib!!!

My antepartum buddy, Lorrie. Though we never met while I was on bedrest, her twins were born the same day Elden was born. We later met up in the NICU.

My milked that I pumped at the Ronald McDonald House. If I counted right, there are 220 containers here in this picture. And at the hospital there were at least 70 more. All of that milk is at the hospital. I am working on trying to donate it all. I have about 100 containers of milk here at home that I will keep.

Sam bought HUGE chocolate bars for the girls and had really tiny ones for Clark and Cal. Clark wasn't so sure about it...

On the 10th--Mother's Day, we had another little celebration for the girls 2nd birthday. It was fun having the Heits here for that.

The Thomas tent looks a little too freaky in this picture...

For Mother's Day Lee made me a candy bouquet!!! He did a fabulous job and it was YUMMY!

During the day on Mother's Day Lee made awesome chocolate chip cookies and gave them to the mom's that he home teaches. (He even did the ribbon to tie the bags closed!)

This is Jolene, Elden's primary care nurse. I FINALLY met her a few days before Elden went home. She was also born at 28 weeks!

ALSO on Mother's Day our van reached 180,000 miles! We were given the van in 2004, and at the time it had roughly 78,000 miles on it. 100,000 miles in 4 years, not too bad!

A couple of random pictures for you...
Haley with Padamine inspired hair

Cal with women BCGs


Megan and Jeremy said...

Great pictures Ruth!!!

The Letterman's said...

glad to see you're all home enjoying each other! Sounds like a fun place where many happy memories will be made! Dave Ramsey came to SLC a couple weeks ago and I went and saw him (thought of you while I was there) We just need to figure out how to get a car gifted to us . . . hmmmm

Nostrebor said...

Wow Ruth, that's 10.66 gallons of milk!! - assuming all those containers are full.