Thursday, May 7, 2009

Elden passed his hearing test last night! Now there are just two things left: circumcision and getting out of the isolette. I think he will be circumcised tomorrow. Right now he is at 28.4 for the temperature in his isolette! YEAH!! Just 0.4 to go! I know I shouldn't get too excited...but if things keep going great and he doesn't get sick or drop his temperature once he gets out into an open crib, we should be home by Monday or Tuesday!

A pictures of Elden's life at the NICU...

You may have seen this before, but here is the monitor that reads his heart rate, breathing level, and blood pressure.

This one isn't very interesting, but warm water is put in this container to warm up his bottles.

He now is on a size 3, but here is a size 2 blood pressure cuff that was used on him for the first part of his life. It's so tiny and cute! Why don't they put bunnies on our blood pressure cuffs?

Here is a picture I took today of his isolette.

There are three drawers on his isolette. This is one I use a lot because it has diapers in it! The stack of white things are rectangular shapes of fabric--close to cheese cloth, or a type of netting. I run them under water to moisten them.

This is a scale the nurses use to weigh the diapers. Overall, Elden's diapers were weighed until he was off of his lipids and TPN (baby Gatorade).

Here are three sizes of diapers used in the NICU. The one on the far left is VERY SMALL! As you can see it's about as long as my cell phone! Elden never used that one as he was a little too big for it. He currently uses the diaper in the middle--a preemie/small diaper. The diaper on the right is a size 1 diaper--what most newborns would wear.


Liz said...

YAY!!! So close!

MissouriMormonMama said...

How fun to see the pics. I hope you guys get to come home soon! I am getting excited for you!

Scogin Family said...

Yeah! It looks like Elden continues to make great strides. We were not able to make it up on Wednesday due to Sienna getting sick a lot that day. We hope to make it up this weekend sometime.

p.s. Joey is an assistant athletic director in the MU athletic department

handsfullmama said...

So excited you are getting so close to coming home. Congrats!