Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another mid-week post...

I started this post yesterday, Tuesday, but really didn't post it till today, Wednesday. So the post date is incorrect. I don't know why blogger does this.

We had a good past six or seven days. We'll start off with last Thursday. Since Lee was on call last weekend, we decided to take a weeknight trip to the temple. I got Clark out of school early and picked up Lee right when he finished work at 3. We got to St. Louis pretty much right at 5pm. We were back home before 10 pm. I felt bad because Clark had "PE" that afternoon and he missed it. He LOVES PE. I thought he had PE in the morning, but I guess it's in the afternoon. He was very sad that he missed it--almost to tears! I told him that next time we do a trip like this to the temple we will be sure to pick him up when he has music or art.

Friday night we went to a community center on base that showed Madagascar. We got free popcorn and drinks and the kids seemed to like it.

Saturday I went to a babyshower and won one of the games! That evening we went to a ward activity. I feel like I am getting to more know sisters and develop some good friendships here. It is a nice feeling!

Sunday Lee was called in to look at a fellow who supposedly was punched in the face to make sure his eye was still okay.

Monday I had a dr's appointment. We stopped and said hello to Lee before leaving the hospital. A storm was going to hit that afternoon so I got a couple of extra things at the commissary. They had a really bad ice storm two years ago and people were without power for a few days. After the commissary I went to the Tricare office and the to another office where I filled out some paper work to get reimbursed for visit to Columbia, MO to see a specialist. What healthcare reimburses you for travel for a doctor's appointment??!! Columbia is 2 1/2 hours away, so it qualifies as a reimbursable trip, and I am really glad that we can recoup some of the cost of going there. There are some great perks to the military!

After I picked up Clark from school that day, we went to the PX to buy a toy for his friend's upcoming birthday party. I was very happy with Clark and the toy choosing process. The boy handed out Transformer invitations and Clark said that he wanted to get him a Transformer toy. I didn't want to spend very much of course, and the Transformer toys were over $4 or $5 each. Yes, I am a cheapskate and that was TOO much! I picked out some toys that were under $3 and told Clark that this was all the money I would spend. (I have been telling him lately how we owe people a lot of money--aka student loans--when he asks for certain things.) He was very compliant and picked one of the toys. I also let him pick out some candy for his friend so the total cost was $2.80. Nice.

And since Monday was so busy, already why stop there? After FHE and putting the kids in bed, Lee and I made a movie of cutting up our credit cards. We are going to send it to Dave Ramsey and see if it will get on his Fox Business network show. It was fun to make!

The storm did come starting Monday afternoon with freezing rain. It wasn't too bad, and we still have power for which I am SO grateful! School was canceled on Tuesday which was not a surprise. But, Tuesday morning I hadn't received a call that school was canceled (our district sends out automated messages to your phone). I was surprised that school wasn't canceled, but that was fine. I got Clark all ready and Kelly came and picked him up. About 15 minutes later Kelly and Clark were at my front door. Hardly anyone was at the school. The principal was there and Kelly talked to him and found out school had been canceled. Neither Kelly or I knew! It was kind of weird.

I had a playgroup at my house that Tuesday morning and Kelly and her kids came, and another friend that lives on base also came with her kids. Lee got to come home about an hour and a half early as all patients were canceled that day. He had a lot of time to sit and read in his office. Tuesday evening we had a good "snow". Nice, big flakes were coming down and it snowed about three to four inches.

Wednesday school was cancelled again--today. Once again, all appointments were canceled at the hospital, but of course Lee went in. He sat around from 7:30 to 11:00 and the Colonel let him go home at 11:00. Clark and Cal went to the neighbors today and then later Clark went sledding with them. Thanks Kelly! There is a good sledding hill pretty much kitty-corner to our back yard, and Kelly said the kids had a lot of fun sledding. Another friend invited us to come sledding on the hill in her backyard. We went over after the girls naps. Clark and Cal didn't even want to go out. They just wanted to play with the toys. Clark had been in and out all morning and afternoon from playing in the snow anyway and Cal went out a few times too.

The roads are looking really good. Well, our residential road still has snow, but all the main ones are fine. The sun was even out all afternoon. Tonight I received a shocking phone call from my neighbor. School was canceled again! Who is the superintendent??? I hope she/he is from Hawaii or Jamaica! I looked at the weather wondering if maybe another storm was coming. Nope. Nothing. And it's even supposed to be 35 tomorrow. So weird.

I have a couple of Haley reports for you. A few days ago Haley spilled something on the ground, water or something. (I can't remember.) I told her to wipe it up and gave her a towel or a rag. That is all I told her. Next thing I know, she had promptly wiped up the mess and went into the laundry room and put the rag in the dirty clothes basket! Wow.

And another day this past week Haley was in the bathroom with me. While I was doing something (again, I can't remember) I saw her stick one finger into the toliet water and put it directly into her mouth, and pulled her finger right out of her mouth again. YUCK!!! By the way she did it you'd think she was tasting soup or some frosting!

Next I want to add something I heard Clark telling Cal. Cal wanted to go outside with Clark one day but Cal needed his shoes on. Clark pointed this out to him and basically said, "You need to get you socks and get your shoes and get some help from mommy to put them on." It was very cute.

Oh, and another tidbit, one of our neighbors gave us a Thomas the Tank Engine train track set. It is the set with the motorized plastic Thomas trains. It was a big set with lots of engines and cars. The boys have loved playing with it. What I enjoy is they'll play in their room together so well for a very long time. The train set-up is in their room so the "babies" won't mess it up. Cal really enjoys playing with Clark. Several times when Kelly has come to pick up Clark for school Cal asks me something about why Clark has to leave. He then says: "But I love Clark!"

Since you made it this far, or just even scrolled down past the text, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Clark with a red sled on Tuesday, the 1st canceled day of school. The snow is more like hard, iced over snow in this picture. You can hardly see any footprints because it was so hard.

The rest are from this afternoon at my friend's house, the 2nd day of canceled school.


Mari said...

ruth to change the date you scroll down to where it says post options, once you are there it will let you change the date and time. Sounds like your family has had a fun week.

Lois said...

Nice update! That's crazy that they canceled school again! You'll have to tell me if you find out why.

Jenny said...

I'm a total blog stalker, but I wanted you to know that I love to see the pictures of your kids! Congrats on your upcoming new baby, too!

I wanted to tell you how to change your date stamp. When you're on the page where you type your post, there is in the bottom left corner the blue words, "Post Options". Click on that and you can change the date and time, including doing dates in the future so it'll post later. I do that when I have a bunch of posts, I'll future-date them and they'll post themselves later. The way Blogger does it is that it date stamps it from the moment of creation, not the moment of posting, so you can change whatever date you want it to be posted.

Hope that helps!