Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Clark Nov 23--It was Mike's birthday on Friday and he made some animal balloons for the festivites

One of the photos taken during our annual photo shoot, Nov 22

This should be our official family picture--wait, Haley is missing!

Tim Tam time!!! Sam mythly reminded us of the prisoners sent to Australia and how Tim Tams were a delicacy for them (Rebecca, Sam, Mom B, Lee & Shanna)

Cal working up an appetite for Tim Tams Nov 23, sitting by Jon Erekson

Ruth's Tim Tam straw Nov 23

The mile race is on! Clockwise starting with Clark: Clark, Sam, Michelle Lloyd, Josiah & Jordan Erekson, Sheldon, Lee, Rebecca Erekson Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day 2007

Nov 22--the kid race, Rebecca, Dad, Haley, Ruth, Cal, Shanna & Clark's feet
I participated in the mile race too, but didn't go the whole mile. I crossed the finish line with four kids in the stroller though!

Sam and Sheldon waiting for the race to begin Nov 22

The line-up for the kid race Nov 22
Ethan, Jeannie, Rebecca & Jon Erekson, Clark, Lena & Kirsten Erekson, Dad B & Haley, Ruth with Cal & Shanna

The table is ready! Nov 22

Dad B getting the turkey off the bone--Lena cooked the turkey on the grill! Thanks Lena!
Nov 22

Shanna Nov 19 at the park in Chadbourn

Haley Nov 19 at the Chadborn park

Kirsten Nov 19

Jon Nov 19

Clark Nov 19

Cal Nov 19

Lee November 27th

Henry, Gordon, & Thomas Nov 27 with Cal in background

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