Thursday, November 22, 2018

Colors Come a-Callin!

Finally...November hits and so do the tree colors!  We don't get very many vibrant tree colors here, but there are still some pretty spots.
Nov 1 2018

A date night one date.  Dessert and fried food is always good...
Nov 2 2018

We did a temple trip to Philadelphia the first weekend in November.  We hit up Trader Joe's on the way home and stocked up on Christmas goodies and gifts.  Love their peppermint Joe Joe's! And in Front Royal, everyone and their cat was out to see the fall colors.  We were stuck in Front Royal for ONE HOUR because people were trying to get up to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Par.  SUPER CRAZY.
Nov 3 2018 (2)

Nov 3 2018 (3)

A little Sunday treat.
Nov 4 2018 (2)

Flag duty after church.
Nov 4 2018

This tiny doll house piano was at Costco.  The key sticker is on backwards, ha ha.
Nov 5 2018

Lee and I voted!
Nov 6 018

The Christmas goodie shelf is stocked and ready for the holidays!
Nov 6 2018

I had a goal to finish reading Anne of Green Gables before we went to Prince Edward Island a couple of years ago.  Well I never did finish and am slowly finishing with the kids.  I think we have just a few pages left.  Love that story, even though Lucy uses MANY words I have never read or heard of before.
Nov 7 2018 (2)

For a date Shanna wanted me to plan it.  Ice cream sundaes and Rummikub!
Nov 7 2018

I finally gave blood after a couple of years or so.....
Nov 8 2018 (2)

Also our Christmas cards came!!! I was gun-ho on getting lots of holiday prep done because November 4th I was called as the Relief Society president.  AHHHH!!!!!! I knew for a couple weeks before it actually happened.  Lee found out on a Tuesday morning what my calling was and I didn't find out till Wednesday evening. I kind of figured it was Relief Society president...
Nov 8 2018 (3)

Another holiday prep...I ordered popcorn cobs for my friends to pop up.  I thought it would be a fun, different gift.
Nov 9 2018

Scouts had a campout near the C&O Canal so they could do a bike ride. It was super cold outside! Clark, Cal and Lee participated.  We had a crazy schedule that day.
Nov 10 2018 (2)

Nov 10 2018

My first Sunday as Relief Society president...I set up the room but left right after the sacrament because Haley was home sick with Strep.  But that Sunday Lee was released.  It was quite the shock!  Right before sacrament meeting President McCleve, a counselor, asked Lee to be on the stake high counsel.  We thought Lee would be released the first part of December, but he was released right then during that meeting.  When I walked out of the chapel, I heard Lee speaking longer than normal over the loud speaker and realized that he was asked to share his testimony.  So I stopped and listened to that.
Nov 11 2018

They used chlorhexidine to cleanse my skin before inserting the needle for the blood donation.  It gave me an awful rash. And it still keeps coming back and back.  It's so weird.
Nov 12 2018 (2)

Haley has been decorating her door for the different holidays, so cute!
Nov 12 2018

Cal and I went on another field a dairy farm!
Nov 13 2018 (2)

At the end we all got to choose chocolate or strawberry milk!
Nov 13 2018 (3)

Nov 13 2018 (4)

Nov 13 2018 (5)

We had a little bit of snow in November.  I like the tiny snowmen the kids built.
Nov 15 2018 (3)

Sadly there was an ice storm as well.  Many people were without power for 3-4 days.  Thankfully we never lost power-it just flickered off and on again.
Nov 15 2018 (4)

Nov 15 2018 (5)

School was canceled for a couple of days.  Clark built a fire outside one afternoon.
Nov 15 2018 (6)

Nov 15 2018 (7)

Nov 15 2018 (8)

Nov 15 2018 (9)

We did a sock folding race one night.  This is what I found...
Nov 15 2018

My friend and I (mainly my friend!) did a birthday party for another friend. We had pie and visited. What a fun night.
Nov 16 2018 (2)

Not sure about this of my children took a picture of me.
Nov 16 2018

My ugly sweater invites came as well! YAY!
Nov 19 2018

I never got a picture, but my MTC mission companion, and later mission companion came and visited me.  It was really fun hanging out with her.  We were going to go on a hike one afternoon, but Shanna said she had too much homework.  We went the next day after my companion, Millie, had left.  Wish she could have come with us!  I was asked to speak in church and it was fun having her there with me for that. We ended up going on the hike.  I took the kids with me.  We went to a favorite...Bear Fence.
Nov 20 2018 (3)

Nov 20 2018 (4)

Nov 20 2018 (5)

Nov 20 2018 (6)

Nov 20 2018 (7)

Nov 20 2018 (9)

Nov 20 2018

Lee's mom sent him some fun momentos from his childhood.  One were some old teeth.  Teeth gross Lee out and I came up with the idea to send them to his brother for Christmas, haha.  So we did.  We are so nice.
Nov 21 2018 (2)

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