Monday, October 1, 2018

16th Anniversary!

Wow, 16 years! It seems like it's been longer than 16 years and also how did time go so fast?

We did two trips this year for our 15th, sort of so we didn't do much celebrating this year so other random happenings are included on this post!

Like Clark building a synth!
Sept 17 2018 (2)

Sept 17 2018

Here is a new fall dress for Shanna!
Sept 17 2018 (3)

My kids love it with the library check-out receipt touches the floor.
Sept 18 2018 (2)

I had a primary meeting at the church and the kids had fun messing with the chairs and tables.... Looks unstable...
Sept 18 2018 (7)

Sept 18 2018 (4)

Shanna made a chocolate pudding, graham cracker dessert.
Sept 18 2018 (3)

There is a used music store in Harrisonburg.  We finally checked it out and Clark loved it.
Sept 18 2018 (5)

Sept 18 2018 (6)

Now for the anniversary!  We ate at the Union Station restaurant. 
Sept 21 2018

Sept 18 2018

Another fun cross country meet.  This one at Shanna's school.
Sept 20 2018 (2)

We parked by our "twin" one night.
Sept 21 2018 (2)

We went to a Stuarts Draft for a marching band competition.  We arrived just in time.  Lee went in to watch since you had to pay to enter and we hung out outside. 
Sept 22 2018 (2)

And in the fall, BYU football is bound to be watched!
Sept 22 2018 (3)

We had fun at our friend's house that night, reppin' the BYU Cougars!
Sept 22 2018 (4)

My kids always get a kick out of seeing animals.
Sept 22 2018 (5)

Guess what Shanna did?!
Sept 22 2018

I will do a bigger post on this later, but I have been introduced to the minimalist movement.  I never knew a "movement" existed.  I know about decluttering, and even read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Condo.  I even read a Year of Less.  But I did not know about "minimalism" and that it was a thing till I saw the Minimalists on the Rachel Cruze show.

Recently I went through my kids' stuff.  The girls had way too much.  I had two huge lawn and garden garbage bags full of stuff. When I initially went through their things when they moved down stairs I had filled up those garbage bags.  I kept them for 3 months.  I finally got rid of them. They did not say anything about wanting anything from them.  And I didn't think they would miss anything.  I purged their items yet again.  And they have given away some things themselves.  Their rooms aren't perfect, but they are much more manageable.  Now only if their clothes would stop jumping out of the laundry basket, landing on the ground...
Sept 24 2018 (2)

AHHH, the clutter!
Sept 24 2018 (3)

The girls joined FCCLA at middle school.  They had a field trip to the State Fair.  They could participate if they entered an FCCLA item into the fair.  Haley sewed an apron. Shanna made a table, which I think is pictured later.
Sept 24 2018 (4)

I felt like a grown-up! 
Sept 24 2018

The sour dough bread from Bella Gelato is so yummy!
Sept 25 2018 (3)

More cross country!
Sept 25 2018 (4)

Shanna and her friend Claire.
Sept 25 2018 (5)

The girl's room after the second big purge.
Sept 26 2018 (5)

Sept 26 2018 (6)

Elden had his raingutter regatta.  And he WON!  We were really surprised by that.  So fun!
Sept 26 2018 (7)


More cleaning and purging.....
Sept 27 2018 (2)

Sept 27 2018 (4)

Sept 27 2018 (5)

Sept 27 2018 (6)

I also made little treats for the primary kids for after the program.
Sept 27 2018

Shanna had her award ceremony for cross country!
Sept 28 2019

We also went to a Harry Potter night in Staunton.  Lots of fun activities there.  Also tons of people were dressed up and businesses decked out.
Sept 29 2018 (2)

Sept 29 2018 (3)

Sept 29 2018 (4)

Sept 29 2018 (5)

Sept 29 2018 (6)

Sept 29 2018 (7)

Sept 29 2018 (8)

Sept 29 2018 (9)

Sept 29 2018 (10)

We saw our friends who were volunteer that night.  You got to find your patronus which was fun.
Sept 29 2018 (11)

You could visit different people through the night and collect trading cards.
Sept 29 2018 (12)

Sept 29 2018 (13)

Sept 29 2018 (14)

A random couple who dressed up and let me take their picture.
Sept 29 2018 (15)

Sept 29 2018 (16)

Sept 29 2018 (17)

And back to more house organizing, I purged out books and music and this is what is left! I am not good at styling things, but I am satisfied with the result.  
Sept 29 2018

We also went up for Jessica's birthday!  So fun!
Sept 30 2018 (2)

It was a great September!
Sept 30 2018

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