Monday, July 9, 2018

Clark's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

It was a crazy week and weekend, but Clark received his Eagle and we had his Court of Honor!  YAY!  We had the Dash & Splash that morning, plus lots of family in town for the big event. 
July 7 2018 (38)

Clark did a service project collecting used bikes for local refugees.  He also held a bike clinic where people could come and learn some bike maintenance basics. He was able to donate about 15 bikes that were in good condition.
July 7 2018 (18)

July 7 2018 (20)

We're thankful for Joe McIntre and Len Aamodt who helped with all the scout stuff!  And especially Len for all his help with details about the board of review and all the processes involved!
July 7 2018 (19)

Lee receiving his mentor pin.
July 7 2018 (21)

July 7 2018 (22)

July 7 2018 (23)

Clark cousin Anthon had received his Eagle a few months prior.
July 7 2018 (39)

Clark and his Bishop, Michael Weiler.
July 7 2018 (40)

July 7 2018 (41)

Grandpa and Grandma with Clark!
July 7 2018 (42)

Mike, my brother-in-law took the awesome photo of Clark.  Thanks Mike!!!
July 7 2018 (43)

Deb helped me with set up and I love how she did the photos!  Thanks!!! I forgot to take pictures of the refreshment table.  I kept it very simple.  We had lemonade, cookies from Costco and strawberries. 
July 7 2018 (44)

20180528 Clark Scout Portrait-034-8x10

Clark was in the 4th of July parade (on the 7th, ha ha) so my family was able to go to that.
July 7 2018

Of course lots of candy!!!
July 7 2018 (45)

Love it when my front yard is full of vehicles!
July 7 2018 (46)

For dinner we ate at the park.  Of course we had to have dessert later!
July 7 2018 (47)

We enjoyed a lovely evening at the park.
July 7 2018 (2)

July 7 2018 (3)

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