Monday, April 23, 2018

My First Fender Bender, Clark's First Dance, Shanna's Ear Piercing

What a crazy spring we had with weather up and down and then just plain cold and miserable! We survived though.  Mainly with the hope that summer was right around the corner!  Cal had another track meet.  It's fun to see him compete.
April 17 2018

April 17 2018 (8)

Shanna and Haley had their fifth grade choir performance.
April 17 2018 (4)

April 17 2018 (9)

Haley smiling and of course trying not to smile.
April 17 2018 (10)

April 17 2018 (11)

We did some switching around the house as well.  Once the hall cabinet was in place we could start doing the changes in our house of switching around bedrooms and gaining a play room.  It was a lot more work and money than we thought, but I think we are pleased with the results.  The old TV cabinet we put behind the bar.  Lee cut notches out of the trim for it to fit better.
April 17 2018 (12)

I eventually caulked the area, then painted it to give a more seamless look.
April 17 2018 (13)

When Lee cut out the notches he found a remnant of old wallpaper apparently still on our walls....just hidden beneath!
April 18 2018 (6)

We had an exciting Wednesday in April.  Clark had his Eagle Board of Review!  YAY!!!!
April 18 2018 (3)

April 18 2018 (5)

April 18 2018 (2)

This is one closet that we cleared out and filled with food.  We had food storage shelves in Clark and Cal's room.  We moved them out so Elden could move in.  I never realized how much fit on those two storage shelves.  We had a hard time finding places for everything.  We lost a lot of great storage.  One metal shelf we put in the laundry room, which works.  But the laundry room feels smaller now. We also had all our games in this closet as well, but Lee moved most of those upstairs.
April 20 2018 (2)

Here are most the games in their new home upstairs.
April 12 2018

April 20 2018 (4)

Now to figure out the random craft and other miscellaneous stuff.
April 20 2018 (3)

Something else we also lost in moving the metal shelves, is a place for the printer.  We had it on the metal shelves in the boys' room.  Well, I came up with the great idea to put a plug in the bottom of the closet that once held the games and craft stuff. 
April 20 2018 (5)

Creepy walls....though I didn't patch or repair them.  But our friend who is an electrician put in an outlet!!!  It works great and now our printer is in the bottom of the closet.  Perfect place!
April 30 2018

Cal tried to move in...
April 20 2018 (6)

A first for Shanna-getting her ear's pierced!  Right now Haley is not interested.
April 20 2018 (7)

She picked out some fun turtle earrings as well. The lady did a nice job!
April 20 2018 (8)

Right after Shanna had her ears pierced we headed over to the church to drop the boys off at a campout.  While I was at the stoplight on the 33 waiting to turn left to get on interstate 81 a semi-truck rear ended me.  It was quite the surprise, especially because I was stopped at the light.
April 20 2018 (10)

I didn't realize but we didn't need to call the cops. I wish I would have known.  They took forever to get there and then took forever to just write up an exchange of information form.  From the eye the damage didn't look that bad, but we had to get the whole bumper replaced. Once we reached the insurance everything went smoothly and I actually came out $100 richer in the end!  It was a hassle and I'm so glad it's over!
April 20 2018 (9)

April 20 2018 (15)

Another first that night (yes, right after the fender bender) was a surprise date to an escape room. We loved it!  The place we went to has one more escape room.  It would be fun to do.
April 20 2018 (11)

We made it out with time to spare!  We did have to get some hints though.  It was really fun.

April 20 2018 (12)

Lee looks a bit mischievous, haha.
April 20 2018 (13)

April 20 2018 (14)

I liked Haley's colorful outfit she wore to school one day.
April 20 2018

A fun shot with the light spilling in...
April 21 2018 (2)

April 21 2018

Lee took the three younger kids to a local fishing derby.  They enjoyed it, even with lots of people.
April 21 2018 (3)

April 21 2018 (4)

April 21 2018 (5)

April 21 2018 (13)

Cal and Clark seemed to have a fun time at the spring camporee.
April 21 2018 (14)

Clark enjoyed his first dance and asked several girls to dance!  Lee and I went as chaperones and had a fun time as well. And Clark didn't seem to mind that we were there.  We enjoyed chatting with Troy Buer as well that night.
April 21 2018 (15)

April 21 2018 (16)

Push-up challenge.
April 21 2018 (17)

More moving around for the rooms.  The girl's room was a disaster!  I texted this to my friend.  They have too many clothes, and not enough proper storage.  And they need to learn to put clothes away as well.  Ugh....lots to work on. More pictures to come of this room though.  Stay tuned.
April 22 2018

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