Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Living in the New Year

Happy New Year!!!  How is your year going?  It's well past January, but the year is still fresh!

One night for a date Lee and I were on the hunt for some dessert.  We have never been to O'Charley's, but went on a whim after Olive Garden was super packed.  We loved their peanut butter dessert! Yum!
Jan 13 2018

We traveled up to Pennsylvania and met our new niece, Serena! 
Jan 14 2018 (2)

A cute sign that my brother owns.  My sister Lena made it for him years ago.
Jan 14 2018 (3)

While in Pennsylvania we stopped at my mom's house.  She showed us some fun things like this kimono my grandpa bought during WWII.
Jan 14 2018 (4)

Jan 14 2018 (5)

Here is a teapot that a great-great grandma (?) brought over from England and across the plains and mountains to Utah.
Jan 14 2018 (6)

Jan 14 2018 (7)

Jan 14 2018

We made this trip without Lee and he made himself a fun dinner.
Jan 15 2018 (4)

When we arrived back from PA Shanna was sound asleep, toothbrush in hand.  Hopefully she used it that night!
Jan 15 2018 (5)

Lee dropped a little key down the sink on accident one day at work.
Jan 15 2018 (2)

He got it out!
Jan 15 2018

One of our snow days.....lots of snow, right?  Haha. Sledding was still successful!
Jan 17 2018

Clark and Cal arrived back from a campout and went straight to standards night in Waynesboro. 
Jan 20 2018 (2)

We love making cookies around here!
Jan 20 2018

We did pixies one week in January.  We need to do it more often.  Pixies go about doing service, but secretly. We did this growing up and I think it's so fun. 
Jan 21 2018 (2)

Jan 21 2018

I finally went through my files.  I think I will start doing this just once a year.  See the stacks?  I just pile stuff up through the year, and then go through them when I get to it.  I decided to go through all of my files and do a major purge.  I adopted Marie Kondo's method for files...which is basically to not have files.  I kept a couple of things separate like taxes. 
Jan 22 2018

While going through my files it was a trip down memory lane!  I found Lee's optometry graduation program and invitation.  And for the record, he was Magnum Cum Laude. He was on the boarder and they didn't know for sure if he would be on it or not before the program was printed.
Jan 22 2018 (2)

Jan 22 2018 (3)

Lena had the girls make these when she watched them for two months for me while I was in the hospital, and then when Elden was in the hospital when he was born.
Jan 22 2018 (4)

Jan 22 2018 (5)

The twins birth cards and Elden's as well.
Jan 22 2018 (6)

Also, I forgot but Lena and Mike gave us $300 for the twins.  Wow, so fun and generous!
Jan 22 2018 (7)

Jan 22 2018 (8)

Years and years ago when we went to Nutty Putty one time...a underground cave in Utah.
Jan 22 2018 (9)

Jan 22 2018 (10)

And look what was left!  ONE file cabinet and lots of stuff to throw out.  YAY!
Jan 22 2018 (11)

In January the paper got a photo of the kids about an article of having safe routes to school.  It was in our local paper and the Harisonburg one.  So fun!  They rode their bikes all winter long, unless it was raining. 
Jan 24 2018

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