Friday, June 16, 2017

Hello Summer!

Ahhh...summer is here!  I am so excited that school is out.  Though thinking about this summer is actually a little stressful.  We have lots of scout stuff going on like scout camp & merit badges for Cal and Clark, Clark's Eagle Scout project, Clark has meetings and practices for trying his hand at JV football and marching band, getting Clark set up with his own budget and checking account,  most of the kids will have swimming lessons, and Haley, Shanna and Elden also have a camp each to go to. And I haven't even mentioned our two family vacations.  Now I did.  I am so glad that all of the camps (scout, cub scout and activity days) are within the same two-week period, and back to back.  All the kids have camps one week, except Elden.  Then Elden has his the following week.

Random highlights....I went to the school one day and saw one of the girl's bikes' locked poorly.  Yeah, that's not gonna hold!
May 25 2017

I love it when the kids jump in and do their job and get it done.  No prodding necessary. 
May 25 2017 (2)

This should be in an older post, but Clark grabbed the phone and starting talking to his cousin Rebecca on a Sunday afternoon while we were visiting in Iowa.  Makenzie had been talking to Rebecca on the phone.  It was pretty funny.
May 28 2017

I went on the last field trip of the year with Elden to Grand Caverns in Grottoes, VA.  We toured the cavern then stayed at the park the rest of the day for a pizza lunch and games.  Elden had fun joining in on baseball and kickball. Lee drove over from work and had lunch with us.
May 31 2017 Grand Caverns 2nd Grade Field Trip (2)

May 31 2017 Grand Caverns 2nd Grade Field Trip

May 31 2017 Grand Caverns 2nd Grade Field Trip (3)

The older boys went on a recent campout and we went to an appreciation picnic our dental office hosted.  It was a luau theme and very fun.  Haley's name was drawn in the raffle and picked out a kite.  She loves using it.
June 2 2017 (3)

Kids had games to play.
June 2 2017 (4)

June 2 2017 (5)

Photo booth too. There was also a Polaroid camera that someone used to take pictures.  That was super fun.
June 2 2017

After a few times of purging the girls' room in the last two years, we did it once more. Hopefully this will be the last!  Their room has been messy for weeks.  It drove me crazy but I tend to put off things like this.  Finally, I couldn't wait.  One recent Saturday night we started cleaning at 8pm (bad idea but we got it done) and finished at mid-night-ish.  I dumped out EVERYTHING.  Well, their dresser we went through drawer by drawer.  The girls had to pull out everything under their beds.  It was a mess.  We got rid of three garbage bags full of garbage, have a box of things to give away plus another box of items that belonged elsewhere.  Now I know where all my tape went!
June 3 2017 (2)

June 3 2017 (3)

Oh, Elden "cleaned" his room that Saturday too.  I laughed when I walked in his room and saw these items lined up against his shelf. #cleannotclean
June 3 2017

Shanna and Haley have been doing well with their room, with some strong guidance from me.'s breathable in there now.  I need to take some pictures to reveal the upstairs!
June 4 2017

Clark built another drone.  He finally got it working.
June 5 2017

Well, the day came that most of us have been waiting for ever since the first day of school.  THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Finally!  The last couple of weeks before school let out were great, actually.  No homework, fun stuff at school, and I kind of sort of did a few things at home while the kids were in school.  Okay, so I wasn't that productive while they were all away.  But it's so nice not having any projects or homework! 

I went to the award assembly at the elementary school.  It was fun seeing my kids go up for different awards.  Elden was awarded a certificate for the A-B honor roll.
June 7 2017

June 7 2017 (2)

June 7 2017 (3)

Shanna and Haley's teacher, Mrs. Francis, earned the Lions' Club teacher of the year award.  She does such a great job year in and year out! 
June 7 2017 (4)

Shanna and Haley went up many times for good grades, the fitness presidential award, music, and chorus, and Shanna for the student council association, SCA.
June 7 2017 (5)

June 7 2017 (6)

Elden and his amazing 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Lewis.
June 7 2017 (8)

June 7 2017 (9)

Shanna and Haley's styles shine through with their outfits.  Love it!
June 7 2017 (11)

June 7 2017 (13)

Elden and his good buddy Kaden.
June 7 2017 (14)

June 7 2017 (17)

Haley and her good friend Belle. 
June 7 2017 (18)

The yearly everyone-come-outside-to-say-goodbye is my favorite.  Lee, Cal and Clark were there too.
June 7 2017 (19)

Right after the annual send-off, all of the kids and two friends and I went to the pool. Love this shot of Shanna.  All my kids did great on their standardized testing.
June 7 2017 (20)

The weather was a bit on the chilly side....low 70s.  But the pool was practically empty and the kids still loved swimming.
June 7 2017 (21)

June 7 2017 (23)

June 7 2017 (24)

June 7 2017 (25)

June 7 2017 (26)

June 7 2017 (27)

June 7 2017 (28)

June 7 2017 (29)

June 7 2017 (30)

Mrs. Francis, Shanna and Haley's teacher, gave me this sweet gift for doing copies for her.  She is so fun and creative!  Also, two other teachers each gave me a gift card, and Elden's two teachers Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Shifflett gifted me beautiful flowers that I planted outside. Very sweet and thoughtful of them.  I feel like I should write them a thank you for a thank you.  But I haven't because that seems kind of weird?  Or no? 
June 7 2017 (10)

With all of the craziness that lays ahead, I am still ecstatic that school is out.  I think we may even get their backpacks "ready" to go in July.  I'll be gone for the tax-free weekend anyway, so might as well get 'er done.  Plus Shanna and Haley love helping me with that.

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