Thursday, March 23, 2017

St. Patrick's Day and Then Some

With Elden being 8, he is also now in Cub Scouts!  I completely forgot about it till Wednesday night.  We were eating dinner and it dawned on me that he had scouts that night.  Thankfully I found the items he needed, though his slide is wrong.  And his pants and socks.  Oops! So far he is LOVING cub scouts. 
March 14 2017 (25)

For some weird reason I actually did some things for St. Patrick's Day this year!  Usually we do have corned beef and cabbage--my kids LOVE it. 
March 14 2017 (27)

But my friend inspired me by what she showed me that she had planned for her seminary students.  I did a little poem for each kid and hid some candy. 
March 14 2017 (28)

March 14 2017 (29)

I didn't really decorate the table, but sort of.
March 14 2017 (30)

Cal reading the clover.  I've never done this before and it took a little while for it to dawn on him.
March 17 2017

March 17 2017 (2)

March 17 2017 (4)

The kids had fun finding their candy.  We had yummy crepes for breakfast too!
March 17 2017 (5)

March 17 2017 (6)

That night the boys had a campout.  They both did the food section for the camping merit badge.  Thankfully they both wanted to make foil dinners for everyone.  And thankfully not many boys or leaders came so not much food to prepare.
March 17 2017 (8)

After I dropped off the boys with Lee the kids and I went to Wendy's.  I love their Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.  YUM!
March 17 2017 (18)

For St. Patrick's Day Shanna did green hair, green nails and shirt.
March 17 2017 (20)

Haley let me paint one of her hand's nails green.
March 17 2017 (21)

We also stopped at Hobby Lobby that night.  I really like these night stands, but not the price.  I might go in an offer a lower price and see what they say......
March 17 2017 (23)

For our movie we watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People.  During a break to brush teeth, Haley and Elden fell asleep. Shanna and I finished it. 
March 17 2017 (7)

On the campout the boys were able to do all their cooking.  It also snowed and they were very cold.  Saturday afternoon we went to a memorial service for our friend who passed away from cancer.  That evening Lee and I went to "Mormon Prom" as chaperones.  No youth from our ward came so we talked to a few people for a while, ate some snacks and went home.
March 18 2017

My kids and their selfies......
March 19 2017 (2)

March 16 2017

March 19 2017 (7)

March 19 2017

March 21 2017 (8)

Cal found these mini Star Wars figures in a mini Millennium Falcon and put them on a tiny canoe he made. I think it's a toothpick. He then posted on Lee's Instagram account the following: A long time ago back in the 1600s...Luke: I'm really sure that my x-wing is better than this canoe thing R-2.
March 19 2017 (4)

Since it was spring I finally took the snowflakes down.  Hope you had a fun St. Patrick's Day!!!
March 20 2017 (2)

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