Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day!!!

Wow, I can't believe that Valentine's Day has already come and gone!  We had a fun Valentine's Day, read below, with of course random pictures included.

One night while watching The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the Music & the Spoken Word, Elden got cozy.  And fell asleep. 
Feb 5 2017 (4)

We had some yummy brownies that night too.
Feb 5 2017 (5)

When I was copying for Elden's teacher I saw this awesome letter.  YES!  I love it!  Elden will often do his homework now in the morning, but sometimes at home. I love that they are using the time to educate and not have movies on for the kids.
Feb 6 2017 (2)

Lee was spotlight for family home evening one night.  One of his goals this year is to do 20 pull-ups.  He did 15 for us that night! 
Feb 6 2017 (3)

Cal helped me make fake toffee that night for treat.  Shanna jumped in too.
Feb 6 2017 (4)

Feb 6 2017 (6)

Jeff (Lois' husband) and his brothers made this movie when they were younger.  Lois let us borrow it one night and my kids LOVE it.  So funny.  The title is even crazy.
Feb 6 2017 (8)

Clark did some more rec league games.  Overall he has been liking the experience, even with the frustrating moments. 
Feb 6 2017 (9)

I left my scriptures out afternoon when the kids came home from school.  I looked over at one point and saw Shanna reading!  So sweet.  She read a whole chapter (even more than that I think!).
Feb 6 2017

For Relief Society we had a fun Valentine's Activity.  A couple of friends and I sang "I Love You Truly", we heard a book review, saw some fun tutorials for crafts, decorated cookies and helped make some mint truffles.
Feb 7 2017 (2)

A lady in my ward made these cute treat boxes and put truffles in them.
Feb 7 2017 (3)

Grapes and strawberries were $0.99 one day at Sharp Shopper!  Sweetness!  It was a yummy snack for after school.  I need to do this more often.  And I need to increase the grocery budget....
Feb 7 2017 (4)

My friend mentioned Plato's Closet on her blog and I thought, I need to go there!  Lee took Clark there and Clark found some fun pants.
Feb 7 2017 (5)

With the awesome prices on strawberries I bought a few containers and Shanna and I made some jam.  I was running out so this timing was perfect!
Feb 7 2017 (6)

Lee and I went out for a date night to talk about goals for the year....a little late, I know.  We first stopped at a cafe that has some fun desserts, but they closed at 8pm.  Places around here close so early!  We saw on their menu that their "sister" store makes the desserts fresh at their restaurant AND they close at 9pm.  We had already gotten our water and been seated, then Lee told the waitress that we were leaving. It wasn't too awkward since he told them we were going to the sister place. These nachos were SO good! 
Feb 7 2017 (9)

I got key lime cheesecake and Lee ordered a brownie with ice cream.  Very yummy.  I want to take my siblings here.
Feb 7 2017 (10)

Cal and Clark have been working on merit badges lately.  For the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge they had to write a letter to the editor.  They actually got published!  I love how their personalities shine through.  They were fun to read.
Feb 7 2017

There is a big upcoming Disney World trip in the books. I think I mentioned this on my blog but I WISH I would have recorded my kids' reaction of when we told them we were going to Disney World.  Three of them were not happy.  One said, no joke, "I'd rather mow the lawn!".  I was very frustrated in the moment, but looking back it was really hilarious.  The main thing was is they didn't (and still don't) know much about Disney World.  I think they are a little more excited now since they've learned more.  Mainly they are sad because we aren't doing out normal Christmas stuff.  This will be the Christmas present basically.  My sisters and I are doing matching pj pants for Christmas morning and we found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. I had to special order some since I need 21 more yards than what they had in store.  I need to start sewing...  I haven't made pj pants in awhile.  Thankfully they are super easy.
Feb 8 2017

Elden, Shanna, and Haley all exchanged Valentine's at school.  Elden's class had an actual party the Friday before.  He came home with quite the loot.  I remember in 5th or 6th grade I didn't give one particular boy a Valentine.  I don't know if it was because I thought he was creepy or I just didn't like him or what.  He was not mean or rude.  Maybe I thought he liked me so I didn't want to give any hints?  No clue.  Anyway, I remember him asking me where my Valentine to him was.  Weird!  I still remember his name,  ha ha. Steve Tomachek (sp on the last name?) I guess it was a little rude of me since I think I gave them to everyone else but him.
Feb 10 2017 (2)

I thought this was a fun Valentine from one of Elden's classmates.
Feb 10 2017

Remember how I said they showed us a craft at the Relief Society activity?  Well, I decided to do it with my kids and bought all the supplies one day.  No turning back now.  You modpodge tissue paper onto a glass container and decorate it.  Then you can put a candle in or fill it with candy or whatever.  I had them make one for their teachers.
Feb 10 2017 (3)

Feb 10 2017 (4)

The elementary school all reads the same book each year.  This year it's Mouse on the Motorcycle.  Each class gets a bag with a fake mouse and a journal.  They get to rake Ralph home with them and write about their adventures.  Shanna had Ralph last weekend.
Feb 10 2017 (5)

We put on a layer of white tissue paper, let it dry, then added hearts or whatever.
Feb 10 2017 (6)

Shanna and her best friend Brooklyn.  She's recruited Brooklyn to go to BYU with her.  That would be fun if it happened!
Feb 10 2017 (7)

Shanna set this photo shoot up...haha.
Feb 10 2017 (9)

My good friend Jenny turned 40 last week.  They hosted a big, fun party at her house.  They have also been doing LOTS of awesome home renovations and I loved seeing all the transformations.  Hint to Lee, a big party at 40 sounds terrific!  Now, just need to move into or build a bigger house!
Feb 10 2017 (8)

We had a Saturday at the temple.  It's been so fun going to the temple with my brother Darrell and his wife Stacie, and Lois and Jeff!  Love that our kids are old enough to babysit themselves. It was Stacie's birthday that Friday so Lois did a family party for her after out temple trip.  Always so fun being together.
Feb 11 2017 (2)

While we were at the temple Clark's dream came true: a WHOLE day at his friend's house (Eric).  They get along smashingly and he had a great time.
Feb 11 2017

Lego fun.
Feb 12 2017 (2)

For family home evening each week we all take turns doing different things.  Elden was "family history story".  Right now the guidelines are the story has to be about somebody who has passed away.  Maybe that's too strict, but it's our lame attempt to learn about our ancestry.  I asked Elden which grandparent he wanted to call to get a story from.  He said: "Roger".  Too funny--that's my brother.  So he called Roger.  When he was a little boy fishing with our Granpda Elden (my dad's dad) Roger caught a fish that was too big and heavy for him.  The fish started pulling Roger out of the boat.  Thankfully my grandpa was paying attention and grabbed Roger so he wouldn't go over the side of the boat.  He never did catch the fish.  And one time when my grandpa Elden was fishing with lots of family, my grandpa was the only catching fish.  No one else was, ha ha.
Feb 12 2017 (3)

Sugar cookies for a Valentine FHE treat!
Feb 12 2017

Here we are to Valentine's Day!  My mom send some Valentine treat money so I got the kids perler beads from her and grandpa.  They were really excited about a new container.  (And we had waffles for breakfast that morning...thank you so much Lee for helping!!!)
Feb 14 2017 (2)

We got a heart from Cal and a dab from Elden.
Feb 14 2017 (4)

And a double dab.
Feb 14 2017 (5)

After Lee left for work I found these around the house.
Feb 14 2017 (8)

I saw this one on the computer first and actually thought it was one of the kids random art cutouts.
Feb 14 2017 (7)

I only found two hearts and texted Lee to see if there was some sort of message.  He said yes.  I couldn't find any others.  I mention it occasionally, but I go running quite often--about 4-6 times a week.  I kind of gave up on the heart hunt, but then saw the last one in my running shoes when I pulled them out to go running.  SO fun! It was "Be Mine for Lunch".  We went to the local Mexican restaurant for a yummy v-day lunch.
Feb 14 2017 (9)

I saw this card and had to get it for Lee.  Though the printed message inside was kind of boring I loved the bike!
Feb 14 2017 (10)

I received some fun flowers for Valentine's Day.  The florist made several attempts to reach me and finally did that evening.   She seemed kind of miffed about that.  I am not sure why the flowers weren't just left on my doorstep.  I would have been fine with that.
Feb 14 2017 (11)

We had a family night that night enjoying tacos by candlelight.  Taco Tuesday....on a Tuesday!
Feb 14 2017 (12)

Feb 14 2017 (13)

Later we went to the community center.  They have foosball, air hockey, ping-pong and pool tables.
Feb 14 2017 (14)

Feb 14 2017 (15)

Feb 14 2017 (16)

Feb 14 2017 (17)

Feb 14 2017 (18)

Feb 14 2017 (19)

I made this yummy double chocolate mousse torte from Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  So delicious!  Click here for the recipe.
Feb 14 2017 (20)

Feb 14 2017 (22)

Lee then read "Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch".  Such a great book and lesson to always be kind and thoughtful to the people around you.
Feb 14 2017 (23)

Feb 14 2017 (24)

Feb 14 2017 (25)

Some tulips were in the flowers from Lee.  I decided to put them in a separate, little arrangement.
Feb 15 2017

Lee and I watched a movie Valentine's night as well.  I love watching movies.  Lately we've been reading a lot at night and haven't watched as many movies--which is a good thing!

The day after Valentine's Day Elden had a field trip to the local bank.  I was selected as a chaperone.  I loved seeing the other parts of the bank.  I had no idea there was an upstairs!  Elden with his good buddy.
Feb 16 2017 (2)

Oh, I also received some candy from Lee. 
Feb 16 2017 (3)

Another picture of the flowers.
Feb 16 2017 (4)

Lee also left some Valentine treats for the kids with free slurpee coupons.
Feb 16 2017 (6)

Feb 16 2017 (7)

Haley made this fun Valentine's banner and hung it up herself!
Feb 16 2017 (8)

I let Shanna and Haley pick out a flower from my bouquet.  She and Haley picked a pink carnation.  One of the leaves fell off and Shanna tried to put it back on using a glue stick.  That didn't work so she resorted to tape. So cute!
Feb 16 2017 (9)

Feb 16 2017 (10)

She wanted me to take a picture of her smelling the carnation.  She loves the smell.
Feb 16 2017 (11)

What I thought was Clark's last rec game went pretty well.  The two boys started passing more and Clark made two baskets that night and had some rebounds and good blocks. I found out there is yet one more game, and yet again on Wednesday night.  Ugh.  I hope it's at 6.  I don't like it when he misses scouts for other stuff. 
Feb 16 2017 (12)

Lee and I loved the main article on the front page of our local paper!
Feb 16 2017 (13)

Hope your Valentine's Day was fun and at least had some treats somewhere in there!

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