Sunday, August 7, 2016

Clark's 13th!

Can you believe school is starting in two weeks!  Gasp!  I can't.  Summer is much too short.  Before our next big summer jaunt out west, I decided to go ahead and get the kids' backpacks ready for school. I am sure glad I did.  Last we were so late getting them together.  The morning of the first day of school isn't the best time to finish up the backpacks. 

Shanna and I went through the supplies we already had at our house, then I made a list of things to buy.  We did a few trips and finished up getting the supplies.  I thought this folder was kids love watching Studio C.

The backpacks are all ready!

We did a three week no computer, no movies, no phone games stint.  I loved it and my kids seemed fine with it too.  Lee bought some rockets.  One day Clark spent a few hours assembling one. 

We enjoyed going to the park and shooting it off. 




The rocket went high in the air.  Sadly the wind blew it farther than we anticipated and it landed high up in a tree.

We love swimming every summer at the pool.

When we were out shopping at a lady told us that the Good Humor truck was in the parking lot handing out free ice cream.  We didn't want to pass that up!

One time at Sharp Shopper Shanna insisted on doing the whole check-out process herself.  Too bad she didn't have her own money to pay for the groceries!

For the past few months I've been saving for school clothes and supplies, setting the money aside in a separate account.  I did that last year and loved it.  This year I did the same.  I'm done saving up school money; now on to Christmas.  Love that I can change the names of the different accounts that I have for things like life insurance, house taxes, kids' college, etc. And isn't it crazy that Christmas is 4 1/2 months away?!  I have a goal this year to have all shopping done before Thanksgiving weekend.  We are going to do some house projects again this fall and those should be done well before Christmas too.  Hopefully the end of September....

Another birthday rolled around for this guy!!!  Yes, we now have a teenager!  Really, I don't feel like I have a teenager.  When I think of a teenager I think of someone who goes to dances, can drive, attends seminary, etc.  Maybe it will hit me when he starts attending high school.  We'll have lots of big changes next fall!

We celebrated his birthday early since we wouldn't be with Lee on his actual birthday.

He requested chocolate chip cookies for his early birthday celebration.  One of the girls stuck candles in the middle of a couple cookies.

He wasn't quite sure what to ask for gifts for his birthday.  He enjoyed the things he got, along with his present from our friends.




On his real birthday we celebrated it at my sister Deb's house.  She made him a yummy cake and I topped it off with whipped ganache and whipped cream.




Happy Birthday Clark!  We love the entertainment and helpfulness you add to our family!

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