Saturday, February 13, 2016

Honor Band

Clark was chosen to be in the City-County Honor Band.  It is composed of middle schoolers for one band, then high schoolers for the other band.  They did a great job!  I was quite impressed...especially because I had the classic 6th-grade-band-concent-meets-Professor-Harold-Hill's-first-performance sound in the back of my mind. 
Jan 30 2016 Honor's Band (4)

Jan 30 2016 Honor's Band

Clark did not want to go, but he had previously committed to go and told him he had to stick with his decision.  They practiced all day Friday and several hours Saturday.  We went to the concert held Saturday afternoon.  Their conductor seemed like a fun guy. I think it was a great experience for him. 
Jan 30 2016 Honor's Band (3)

Jan 30 2016 Honor's Band (5)

We have been prepping Cal for band and I think he is finally coming to terms that "has" to be in band.  We often say "that is what Robertsons do", and band will be one of them (along with piano, scouts, seminary, washing their own clothes at 12, etc. etc. etc...).  They'll thank us one day, right?

One Sunday I painted the girls' nails before church.  I love "fixing" their hair too, and especially love curing Haley's hair.  Haley will let me curl her hair every Sunday. Love it!
Jan 31 2016 (2)

Jan 31 2016

Shanna on the other hand....She will let me fix her hair sometimes, but definitely not with a curling iron or mousse.  She has a nice wave/slight curl to her hair, but doesn't embrace it. Someday, right?! She did let me paint her nails though, and did "fix" her hair for church that particular Sunday.
Jan 31 2016 (3)

Sunday when Shanna set the table she did place cards.  So cute.
Jan 31 2016 (8)

And for fun...Lee being silly for his girls.  Shanna received doll-sized crutches for Christmas.  They are SOOO cute! Sorry Lee, they won't be much help to you.
Jan 31 2016 (9)

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