Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Preview & Maggie's Birthday

Wow, the holidays are here!  Halloween kind of kicks the season off with a candy overload!  Thanksgiving and Christmas are all one great season of thankfulness and holiday cheer!  And I love that Veteran's Day is near Thanksgiving too.  My sister Deb and I were talking about this.  What a better way to enter the Christmas season than to have a day of Thanksgiving, and to add on to that, a day to thank those men and women who have served us and our country!

First off, of course some random pictures for you. Cal made this Pac-man Lego picture thing.
Nov 8 2015 (2)

One Sunday our Bishop gave a great talk about the Holy Ghost, and living our lives the right way.  (Something along those lines...)  He asked the members in the congregation to close their eyes and imagine their homes.  What does it look like when you walk inside?  What would the Savior see?  Lee and I looked at each other and smiled because the current state of our house was a disaster at that moment.  We were in the middle of projects, getting furniture orders delivered and what not, and we did not prepare properly for the Sabbath! I took a picture when we got home and sent it to Lee.  It was pretty funny.  Normally we're not too bad about cleaning up, but that particular weekend it did not happen.
Nov 8 2015

Cracking open our first package of peppermint Joe Joe's!
Nov 9 2015 (3)

Nov 9 2015

Veteran's Day!  The elementary school does a cute program for Veterans.  Lee was able to go for the first part.  Before the program started there were refreshments for them in the cafeteria.  We loved our time in the military and we would do it all over again.  Thank you to all of our Veterans! 
Nov 11 2015 Veterans Day

What made the program even more special (and mainly why Lee and I came) is the 3rd graders performed.  Can you spot Shanna and Haley?
Nov 11 2015 Veterans Day (2)

Nov 11 2015 Veterans Day (3)

One day I saw gas for a super low price.  Wow, never seen it that low!
Nov 11 2015 Veterans Day (4)

We've been trying out different almond milk lately for fun.  One time I picked up cashew milk.  All of the kids prefer cow's milk, except Cal!  He really likes the almond/cashew milk!
Nov 13 2015

Haley told me she was taking drama pictures of herself while she was pretending to be sad. I find all sorts of pictures on my phone!
Nov 14 2015 (2)

One Saturday we were at the mall and swung by a store to use the restrooms.  To our surprise Santa was there!  Clark was raking leaves, so he wasn't with us.  But all the other kids sat on Santa's lap, received a candy cane, and some fun goodies. 
Nov 14 2015 (4)

Nov 14 2015 (5)

Nov 14 2015 (6)

Nov 14 2015 (7)

I noticed that the younger kids were carrying around napkins they found in the van.  I asked them why and they said the napkins were so they could write down Christmas wish list items.  Too funny. 
Nov 14 2015 (3)

While we were having fun, Clark was raking!  Lee showed up and Clark was still raking.  He bagged and Clark kept on raking.  He auctioned off 2 hours of raking to raise money for Scout Camp.
Nov 14 2015

Random photos going on for awhile.....anyway......I went in to a long-ago day at Elden's classroom for a few minutes. I helped the kids make yarn dolls.
Nov 17 2015 Elden Long Ago Day

Lee made a cute little puzzle for me to ask me on a date! Good thing Lee was home when I spotted the first piece.  I thought the kids had stuck a random piece of paper on the wall and I was about to throw it away.  Lee gave me a weird look, so I further investigated. Fun invite!
Nov 18 2015

School pictures came back.  I don't get them because they are expensive.  I have Cal's but didn't know where it was when I snapped photos of these.
Nov 19 2015 (2)

I love this one of Haley.  She didn't want me to pick out her clothes or fix her hair.  She got ready all by herself.
Nov 19 2015

Nov 19 2015 (3)

We are in full swing with house projects.  One night I redid this dresser!  I was going to get rid of it (it did have all the white knobs, fyi) but after looking at it, I decided to keep it.  Plus it's made of real wood which made it more appealing to keep.  Our friend's gave it to us while we were in optometry school.  We've been using it ever since. And in true Ruth-sense, I never did anything to it during that time.  Lee had to find new screws here and there to keep the knobs on, but that was it. The kids added stickers to it!
Nov 19 2015 (5)

Nov 19 2015 (6)

Nov 19 2015 (7)

I needed a snack while slaving away at the dresser...
Nov 19 2015 (8)

Nov 19 2015 (9)

What do you think? I really like how it turned out! So glad I kept it!  I'm glad my vision for it turned out. The knob pulls were from China, and they were not threaded properly.  I had to go the hardware store and buy shorter screws.
Nov 20 2015 (2)

Nov 20 2015

For the date Lee asked me one we went to a Japanese Hibachi grill with some friends.  It was so much fun!  We are going to go there as a family in December for lunch.  The kids are going to love it! Lee attempting to catch shrimp in his mouth.
Nov 21 2015 Kyoto (2)

Nov 21 2015 Kyoto

On a Saturday we drove up for Maggie's birthday!  It was so much fun being there!  Happy birthday Maggie!  Her cake that my sister Stephanie made was sooo cute!
Nov 21 2015 Maggie 2nd birthday (5)

Nov 21 2015 Maggie 2nd birthday (6)

Nov 21 2015 Maggie 2nd birthday

Maggie was so tired she fell asleep during the birthday cake, and wouldn't wake up to open presents.  Being two is lots of work!
Nov 21 2015 Maggie 2nd birthday (7)

Steph and Andy opened some of the presents, but Maggie was still sleeping.  She opened the rest the next day.
Nov 21 2015 Maggie 2nd birthday (8)

So fun being with sisters!  STEPH: DO NOT MOVE!
Nov 21 2015 Maggie 2nd birthday (9)

Too funny that we all wore stripes!
Nov 21 2015 Maggie 2nd birthday (10)

I ordered some prints that we will hang in the kids' rooms.  So excited about them.  Thanks Lois!!!  Elden's are all hung...well, except for the temple. There are others too, but here is a peak. These particular ones are for Clark and Cal's room.  And Shanna and Haley have pink temples.  Thanks Hanna for the great temple picture!
Nov 22 2015 (4)

Nov 22 2015 (6)

Nov 22 2015 (7)

A sneek peek at our second bathroom reno. I said I would never do drywall again after doing it in our main bathroom.  Well, here I am again, YES, again doing drywall in our half bath! 
Nov 24 2015 (2)

Lee put in a new front storm door too.  The old one was ratty.  And the garbage people picked the old one up!  YAY!
Nov 24 2015

Kids having fun with cheap candy finds at Sharp Shopper.
Nov 25 2015 (2)

Happy Pre-Holidays!


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Love it! Keep 'em coming.

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Super fun! I love how posh Haley looks at the Mall, and her outfit for school pictures!