Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Golf Balls & Plastic Bags

The big fundraiser came to a close with lots of fun activities the week of the race.  One of them was pie-a-teacher.  Kids who brought in a certain number of labels could throw a paper plate piled with whipped topping on a teacher.  The kids quite enjoyed it!
Oct 5 2015 (9)

Oct 5 2015 (10)

I took pictures of the race down at the park, but I think they are on my other phone....that I broke. Yes, I am on my third phone this year!  The last phone I broke, it slipped out of my hands and fell on the floor.  I didn't think anything was wrong because the screen didn't crack.  But it never would turn on again.  Ugh. 

Cal did an extra credit project for school by making a volcano.  Lee and Cal made homemade playdough one night.
Oct 5 2015 (11)

Oct 5 2015 (12)

The second weekend in October I headed up to a Boden sample sale just outside of Philadelphia.  Again, no pictures because of my broken phone!  I had a really fun time with Lois, Stephanie and our friend Audrey, and Lois' friend Melissa.  Lee had the kids at home and drove up later to meet me at the temple.

Let's just say Saturday was a fiasco at home.  Besides kids no getting along and no staying on task with jobs and such, a child decided to show his siblings how to hit a golf ball the proper way.  Well, he sure hit it hard!  It went straight to Lee's van window and shattered it! Thankfully it didn't go across the street to the neighbors vehicles! The van sported a great garbage bag look for a few days. 
Oct 14 2015

On the way to DC Lee and the kids stopped at a park for lunch.
Oct 10 2015 Luray (2)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (3)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (4)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (5)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (6)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (7)

Clark wasn't feeling too great so I am guessing that's why he isn't in any pictures.
Oct 10 2015 Luray

After switching at the temple we decided to go to IKEA.  We bought several things there to help organize our kids' rooms better.

The next day, Shanna, Clark and Cal were sick so we all stayed home--except for Lee. 
oct 11 2015 (2)

Oct 11 2015

Remember the homemade playdough?  Cal tested out his volcano at home before bringing it to school.
Oct 13 2015

Clark participated in a scout fundraiser.  There was dinner and an auction.  Clark auctioned off two plates of chocolate chip cookies-that he made-, 2 hours of raking leaves, and a Lego creation. 
Oct 16 2015 Scout Auction

And just because, Lee enjoying a little lunch of cucumber and hummus.
Oct 16 2015

One Saturday in October Lee took Clark on a bike ride.  So pretty! Oh, and look, a new window!
Oct 17 2015 (3)

Oct 17 2015 (2)

Oct 17 2015 (3)

Oct 17 2015 (4)

That same day we also cleaned out the shed.  It was horrible!  We got rid of a ton of stuff!  Here is an in-progress picture. I love the technique shared on iheartorganizing.blogspot.com.  She says to empty out an entire space, and the fill it back up with what you really want and need in there. And we did just that!  I am sure other places have shared the same concept.....
Oct 17 2015

This nice pile is what we got rid of.  Feels so nice to declutter.  Even a shed.
Oct 17 2015 (5)

Should have taken before pictures, but here are the afters.
Oct 17 2015 (7)

Oct 17 2015 (8)

After bike riding and shed cleaning, we headed to the town's Autumn days for a few minutes.  It was cold and windy so we didn't stay long.  I bought pumpkins for everyone to carve for Halloween.
Oct 17 2015 (4)

That same Saturday night Clark went to his first stake activity!  Seems like he had a great time.  He especially loved the food the Bishop bought him from Taco Bell on the way home. 

I thought this flyer was funny....
Oct 16 2015 (3)

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I love the volcano, and it cracks me up that the window broke when the ball was hit the right way! That is some swing!!!!