Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Surprise Bunker Visit & Summer Days

After the Bartholomew Reunion we had some surprise visitors the next day!  My oldest sister Deborah and her family were going to camp in the Smoky Mountains, but instead took a detour and spent the time with us!  I was sitting at our computer desk and in walks Deborah from the back part of the house. It was such a great surprise!!!  A few years ago we surprised her on Thanksgiving, which was really fun.  I'm so glad they came here instead of the Smoky Mountains!  That Monday night we took a short trip to the library, had family home evening and enjoyed visiting. 
July 13 2014 Bunker Surprise Visit

Tuesday we decided to head into Harrisonburg for swimming, free food and shopping. First thing though that morning, Hyrum visited Uncle Lee for an eye exam. 
July 14 2015 Bunker Surprise Visit

Hyrum and Elden drying off and warming up at the pool.
July 14 2015 Bunker Visit (2)

After swimming we went to Chick-fil-A to get a free meal!  It was dress like a cow day.  We were the weirdest cows yet.  But I wanted to just use items I had at home, and not spend a lot of time dressing up like a cow. So we taped random colored paper on us!
July 14 2015 Bunker Visit (3)

We were quite the scene.
July 14 2015 Bunker Visit (4)

July 14 2015 Bunker Visit (5)

I did print off cow noses and ears from the internet.
July 14 2015 Bunker Visit (6)

July 14 2015 Bunker Visit (7)

My sister Lena and her family I think won the best dressed cows!  Don't they look so cute?!  Her husband wasn't able to go with them. Yes, she has 7 beautiful kids!  They even had their picture in the newspaper.  Lena is great about putting finishing touches on things like on the other hand we just slapped things together like we were bovine cows or something.
July 14 2015 Erekson's

We did a little shopping too which was fun.
July 14 2015 Bunker Visit (8)

July 14 2015 Bunker Visit (9)

That night Deb, Matt, Lee and I went on a double date. We all really enjoyed it.  It's fun that our kids are old enough that we can do fun things like this!  I wanted Deb and Matt to try the chocolate cake at Ciro's.  I think Deb also ordered the chocolate sin cake from the Twisted Fork in Raleigh (the ladies' night out).  The chocolate cake at Ciro's is sooo much better!  I could go for a piece right now!   After cake, water and milk (we're party animals!) we headed to Lee's office and played Dutch Blitz.  Very fun night.  Thanks for coming along Deb and Matt.  Here's to future double dates when you move out here, *wink, *wink. Oh, and thanks Lee for making a yummy spaghetti dinner that night!
July 14 2015 Bunker Surprise Visit (2)

Sadly the Bunkers could only stay till Wednesday morning, but we had a great time while it lasted.

We've been up to this and that for the summer.  One thing Lee worked on was getting a new net for our trampoline.  The threads holding in the springs were breaking. The springs would fly off while the kids would jump.  We took down the trampoline since it was unsafe. In the meantime Lee ordered a new net.  
July 16 2015

July 16 2015 (4)

July 16 2015 (3)

July 16 2015 (2)

While I was at Young Women's one night Clark made cookies.  He makes some great homemade chocolate chip cookies!
July 15 2015

I had my hair highlighted for the first time in years.  Before...
July 15 2015 (2)

After...not much of a change.  I want to keep going back to make it lighter.  The trick is making sure I want to spend the money on it.  It's expensive!  Right now my hair is light enough from being outside that if I don't go back I don't think it will look weird if I don't return till next summer. 
July 16 2015 (6)

A little more noticeable on the back...more like tiger stripes or something!
July 16 2015 (7)

Random photo...
July 16 2015 (5)

I love going to the pool in the summer. We went a lot and made great use of our summer pass.
July 14 2015 Bunker Visit

July 16 2015 (9)

One night for a date Clark wanted to make donuts with Lee, and play a game.
July 16 2015 (8)

More swimming!
July 17 2015

One night our town had a little car show.  This is Lee's dream older truck with a nice paint job.  No joke!
July 17 2015 Elkton Drive In (2)

July 17 2015 Elkton Drive In (3)

July 17 2015 Elkton Drive In (4)

July 17 2015 Elkton Drive In

This is out of date, but on July 3rd when I went shopping with Lois and Deb, this is the skirt I found at Kohl's.  I wanted to find a tie for Lee to match my outfit.  One Saturday night after a wedding reception we swung by the mall and I checked JcPenny's.  In the clearance tie section I found the perfect tie for about $9!!!  Awesome!  There is a couple in our ward that always tries to match and I think that's so fun.  Lee and I match sometimes, and though it may seem cheesy, I love it.
July 18 2015

Enjoy these last few days of summer.  I LOVE the warm summer months.  I am sad that cold weather is around the corner...

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Deb B said...

I love the tie you bought. I think Matt and I might start matching as well, but I would need to get a few ties to do that with. Cute idea! It was SO fun surprising you!!!!! I wish we could have stayed longer as well. I can't wait to see you next time!

Love you!