Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of the School Year

In random news...this is my 800th post!  How cool!  Wonder how long it will take me to get to 1000.

The moment I've been waiting for (Elden too) ever since school started...the end of the year!  It sure came quickly and I am glad school is out.  Summer is a little more hectic with everyone at home, but so far it's been pretty good and I LOVE not having homework or projects!!!  We have been sticking to the same morning schedule for the most part, and that has helped with having a good summer so far with me.  Usually I want to sleep in every morning during the summer, but getting up at a fairly reasonable time has been great.

With the end of the year comes lots of fun things too.  The kids had award ceremonies, outdoor activities and class parties.  We all went to an award ceremony for Clark.  It was quite the program and I am not sure if all of us will attend next year!  Clark was recognized for being on the A Honor Roll all year. Great work Clark!
May 28 2015 Clark  A honor roll (2)

Pictures afterwards.  Of course everyone was soooo glad to have their pictures taken!
May 28 2015 Clark  A honor roll (3)

May 28 2015 Clark  A honor roll (4)

One night there was a potluck/awards night for all band and choir members. We could only stay a little bit as I had a young women activity that night, but it all worked out. 

A random photo that some child snapped of Cal.
June 1 2015

The last day of school was a half day and I was there pretty much the whole day.  I arrived a little after 9am and stayed till the end of the day.  There is a big awards ceremony for all the grades except 5th.  It was fun seeing my kids go up and receive awards.  Elden didn't get any which didn't surprise me.  More awards are handed out when kids receive letter grades, participate in Advanced Reading (AR--all 2nd-5th graders participate in this reading program), and other activities like library helpers and the outdoor safety guides (or whatever they're called). Shanna and Haley stayed on the A honor roll all year.  This was their first year of letter grades.  Great work girls!
June 4 2015 Last Day of School

I was hoping that Cal would receive at least one award...which is funny because I definitely don't agree that "everyone should get a trophy".  Credit and recognition is due when hard work and effort are put forth.  Credit and recognition should not be given to lazy participants just because they are there. But I know Cal has seen Clark receive a few awards in the past and kids kind of naturally expect things to happen to them that happen to their older siblings, in my opinion anyway. Not exactly, but somewhat.  If that even makes sense.  But if no awards came, Cal would have to deal with it and work harder next year, if he really cared about the whole recognition thing. Seeing some low grades on report cards this year, along with an F on a test, I wasn't sure how the end of the year would go grade wise.  Cal came out strong the end of the year and I am really proud of his work the past few weeks. He actually ended up receiving three awards.  One was for reading the most books for AR in Mr. Markel's class, passing all of the physical fitness tests for PE and earning Silver recognition in music on the recorder.  The 4th graders use recorders a lot during music.
June 4 2015 Last Day of School (2)

Some tears were shed by many of us during the ceremony too as it was somewhat of a goodbye to our awesome Principal, Rad Dansey.  He is going to a local high school to be the principal. To back track a little, the last Friday of school, and the last Monday of school I participated in the interviews for our new elementary school principal.  There was a panel of people helping out with the interviews, including the superintendent and assistant superintendent, the county reading specialist (I think?), our school's secretary, two teachers and two parents. Dr. Fenn, the superintendent had a meeting with the teachers and asked them who they wanted at parent representatives.  I was very flattered that my name came up!  I was intrigued by the process and wanted to be a part of it.  Thankfully Clark can babysit after school as I didn't get home till 5:30 on Friday, and then about 4:30 on Monday.  We interviewed a lot of great candidates.  There was a set list of questions, and I asked two of them.  They also said we could ask additional questions if we wanted, which I did several times.  Hopefully no one minded too much!  Mr. Dansey set such a high bar that we wanted to see his work ethic, friendliness and caring to the kids, and openness to the community in the next principal.  I really enjoyed being part of it.

My view table view for those two days. They ordered us lunch too which was fun.  Glad a few of my tax dollars could be given back to me via lunch!
May 29 2015 Principal Interviews

Back to the last day.  I had a couple PTA things to do, and also ate lunch with all the kids.  Well, when I mean eat lunch, I never eat lunch with them.  I just sit with them while they eat lunch.
June 4 2015 Last Day of School (3)

The 2nd graders had an ice cream party and watched Big Hero 6.
June 4 2015 Last Day of School (7)

I texted Lee to come over and we both had ice cream too.
June 4 2015 Last Day of School (8)

Cal's birthday is June 9th, just a few days after school let out.  He brought cupcakes the last day to celebrate his birthday.  If you bring and extra cupcake his teacher will smash it on your face.  I guess the kids all like it!
June 4 2015 Last Day of School (9)

June 4 2015 Last Day of School (10)

June 4 2015 Last Day of School (11)

June 4 2015 Last Day of School (12)

Cal and Mr. Markel.  Cal really enjoyed having him and was sad that 4th grade was over.
June 4 2015 Last Day of School (13)

Every year the last day of school everyone comes outside to say goodbye to the students as they leave.  I love this tradition!
June 4 2015 Last Day of School (14)

Our principal Mr. Dansey who is leaving us!  We all will miss him!
June 4 2015 Last Day of School (15)

June 4 2015 Last Day of School (16)

Have a terrific summer everyone!  I LOVE summer break.  We have several trips planned, which we are all looking forward too!  I am looking forward to an un-structured schedule and home-work free days!   

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