Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September Random

In between school and Florida and field trips, little things have been happening here and there.

Clark is now in 11-year-old scouts.  We attended a court of honor and he pinned the scout emblem on me.
Sept 10 2014 Clark in boy scouts

We found out the first part of September that we have a termite problem. It should be all fixed now! Ugh....with Cal's medical bills for his arm and then fixing the termite problem, we've shelled out some chunks of money!  I am very grateful for our living Prophet's counsel to have an emergency fund.  Dave Ramsey often talks about this too.  Though it's not what I would choose to spend my money on, I am grateful for the blessing of being able to take care of our family and home.
Sept 11 2014 (3)

Clark did the Mentos science project one night.  Ever heard of it, or seen a demonstration?  Put Mentos in to a carbonated beverage.....
Sept 11 2014 (2)

And yep, the soda will start erupting!
Sept 11 2014

Clark is playing the baritone for 6th grade band, and loves it.  Well, he loves band class.  I think he enjoys playing the baritone too.
Sept 12 2014 (2)

Since Clark rides his bike to and from school I will drive him to pick up his baritone after school.  We went over one day so he could pick it up. On display at the middle school they have a beam from one of the twin towers that was destroyed in 9-11.  What a neat memorial at the middle school!  
Sept 12 2014 (4)

Sept 12 2014 (5)

We took yet another trip!!!  Can you believe it?  I can't, ha ha.  But we did go on one. Since the Washington, D.C. temple was closed for a month we headed down to North Carolina for our monthly temple trip.  My brother lives there and they were so kind to watch our kids for a few hours.  We all had a great time there.  It's always fun to visit Daniel and Amy.
Sept 13 2014 at Daniel's

My oldest niece Ila.  They had a church dance that night.
Sept 13 2014 Ila

I got to be there for the night of Lizzy's first church dance!  So fun!!!
Sept 13 2014 Lizzy

Ila has been driving and will be getting her license soon. Love the bumper stickers.
Sept 13 2014 Raleigh

Lee and I did some family sealings at the temple that day.  My sister found some families names that we were able to take.  What was really neat is that Elder Ricard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has a brother that lives pretty close to the Raleigh Temple...maybe an hour away?  So, the sealer--the man who has the priesthood authority to seal and marry people for time and eternity--walks in to the room.  I saw that his last name was Scott and I mentioned to Lee that I bet it was Elder Scott's brother.  Lee said that Scott was a common last name.  Well, the more and more that I looked at him during the sealing I thought they must be brothers, they looked so very similar.  Afterwards I couldn't leave without asking him if he was related to Elder Scott.  He said he was.  So I dug further and asked how they were related.  He said they were brothers.  I knew it!  Apparently he was the former temple president there.  How fun that we got to be there when he was scheduled to perform sealings that day! And my brother Sam and his wife Shawna were married here.  I think that was the last time we were at the Raleigh temple.  Such a beautiful place.
Sept 13 2014 Raleigh Temple

I love buying colored socks for my girls.  I recently got a good deal for some of them online.  I love colored/patterned socks myself!  They are so fun.  I've spent a lot on socks for my girls during the years....
Sept 15 2014

Haley bought two purple pom-poms a few weeks ago.  Clark had fun taking selfies one day.  I am having fun posting them!  Thanks Clark!
Sept 17 2014 (2)

Sept 17 2014 (3)

Sept 17 2014 (4)

For the last random item, we had a "Modest is Hottest" night for young women's a few weeks back.  The young women split up into groups and went to different stores to find and try on modest outfits.  The goal was to find the cheapest, cutest outfits. My group went to Goodwill.  They found some fun things there.  They didn't buy anything, just tried stuff on and took pictures.  I did buy a sweater there, a Christmas one.  I am planning on doing an ugly sweater Christmas party this year.  Usually I'll think of things I want to do and then back out on them.  Well, I've committed myself to this in several ways.  1. I bought a sweater. 2. I put it on my calendar.  3. I made invitations last night.  I am going to do this!  It will be super fun.  After,we met back at the church and showed everyone all the pictures they took of the fun outfits they found.  My group won for the cheapest outfits.
Sept 17 2014

One day after school Cal started reading a book to Elden.  It was really cute and sweet.
Sept 17 2014 (6)

One night I saw this in the fridge.  Hmmm...very interesting. 
Sept 18 2014

Wow, I am in the groove for posting regularly the past few days!  I have lots more posts, so hopefully they'll keep coming every few days.

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