Friday, September 19, 2014

Lee's 34th Birthday!

The day after our beach excursion, Lee turned 34!  He caught up to me age wise, once again.  (Till December, ha ha). 

I cooked some beef ribs in the pressure cooker for his birthday dinner. Even though I burned the sauce in the cooker and the ribs on the bottom of the pan, the other ribs (and meat from the burned ribs) still turned out great! I'll have to keep a better eye on the time next time....whenever that will be.

After dinner Lee opened his gifts.  It's always cute seeing what the kids will buy/make for him.
Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday

I did a little bit of decorating.  I reused the same tablecloth banner, streamer thing from one of the boys' birthdays.  One gift from me to Lee was Oreos!
Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday (2)

Birthday cards are always fun.

Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday (3)

I also bought Lee some tennis rackets and balls, as if you couldn't tell from the picture.  Lee borrowed some rackets from a friend a couple months ago and surprised me with a tennis date.  It was a lot of fun.  I have no clue about which racquets are the best to buy, but since we are beginners, I figure we are safe with the less expensive ones! Lee has gone a few times already with Cal and Clark to play tennis.  They all really like it.
Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday (7)

Our friends the Frankes, came over for cake and ice cream.  I am a big proponent of using the same amount of candles as the age of the birthday-ee.
Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday (4)

We had a hard time lighting these candles, so not all were lit.  But there were 34 of them!
Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday (5)

Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday (6)

Here is a slightly better picture of the cake.  It was SO GOOD!

I did an Oreo crust, a layer of chocolate (kind of like a ganache-melted chocolate chips mixed with heavy whipping cream), chocolate wacky cake (Roger ever since you made it in North Carolina years ago, Lee loved it, and still remembers how good it was), chocolate frosting, and then chocolate whipped cream with Oreo sprinkles on top. It was so good!  There is an Italian restaurant here in town--Ciros--that has a really yummy chocolate cake. Their cake was my inspiration for Lee's cake. I need to make another one soon...
Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday (8)

Haley made Lee a birthday crown.  It looks very good on you Lee!  I am so blessed that my best friend is a wonderful husband and father too!  We hope you had a wonderful birthday.  We are looking forward to many, many more together.
Sept 2 2014 Lee 34 Birthday (9)


Nostrebor said...

Thanks for the awesome birthday Ruth!!

BWei said...

Okay that cake looks amazing! Happy birthday to Lee!