Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Father's Day

Lee had a fun Father's Day, I think.  Seems like he did, ha ha.  The morning started off by giving him a few treats from me, and some fun cards and pictures from the kids.  Lee LOVES OREO cookies.  Always a no-fail gift for him. 
June 15 2014 (5)

I also bought Lee some mini gummy bears and regular gummy bears.  Another no-fail gift.  I know, I know, I go ALL out for Father's Day.  Haley made a cute little hunt-type-thing to assist Lee in finding his gummy bears.  First was a stop light telling him when he could go, or start.
June 15 2014 (8)

June 15 2014 (7)

June 15 2014 (6)

Then he had to follow the pieces of paper on the ground.
June 15 2014 (11)

June 15 2014 (10)

Yay! Gummy bears!
June 15 2014 (9)

Cal made Lee a card.
June 15 2014

The inside cracked me up.  I would have never thought of writing have a tropical Father's Day.  Hey, why not?! He got the idea when he started creating the below "tropical" bird.  Looks like a prehistoric bird to me, or something you'd see on Dr. Who.
June 15 2014 (2)

Lee's big gift was a steak.  I asked him what he wanted to eat for Father's Day and that's what he decided on.  He found some pretty good small steaks for the rest of us.
June 15 2014 (3)

In our 11 years of marriage, this is the first time he's ever bought a steak and grilled it.  I can't even remember when he last bought a steak.  This is probably the 2nd or 3rd one he's ever bought?  He really enjoyed it.  Mission accomplished. 
June 15 2014 (4)

I realized just the other day that the Fathers didn't receive any sort of little goodie or pie or anything at church.  We had a yummy strawberry cheescake-ish dessert at home though. 

Lee is a great dad and our kids love him.  He is definitely the fun parent. I'm very blessed to have him as the father of my children!  I am thankful for my own dad and his wonderful example of hard work and dedication.  He set a great example for me in choosing whom to marry! He also taught me how to work and the importance of the temple and modesty.  Thanks Dad for being a great Father and sharing your love of the gospel with me. Thanks Lee for being a great Father.  Our children are very blessed to have you in their life!

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Melissa S. said...

I love how you celebrate things like we do. Simple, fun and very personalized. However we haven't done steak yet!!!! You're right that is a luxury and fun that he had one that day. Brooks wanted shrimp and grits which seafood is ALSO a luxury for him.