Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shanna and Haley's Thanksgiving Feast

The first graders had a Thanksgiving feast a few days before Thanksgiving.  Haley volunteered me to make a pie to bring a pie and Shanna brought in napkins. 

Side note, that morning before school Shanna helped me put some door knobs on the hutch thing that I painted.  It's all done and looks good in the room.  I was nervous about how it would look, but Lee and I really like it. As long as you don't get too close and don't examine the paint job, it looks nice from far away. 
Nov 26 2013 Shanna and knobs

Nov 26 2013 Shanna and knobs (2)

Pie making!  It actually worked out really well to make a pie for Haley to bring to school.  It was a Tuesday that she needed the pie. With that being two days before Thanksgiving I went ahead and made all my pies the.  I made seven pumpkin pies--six for Thanksgiving Day.  I even have about 6 extra crusts that I rolled out and froze, all ready for Christmas!
Nov 26 2013

School was two hours late that day, so the time of the 1st grade feast wasn't known yet.  I found out about 10:30 that the feast would start at 10:45. Of course any normal human being would be ready for the day by then, but I was not.  I hurried and got ready and headed to the school.  Of course I was late and the only person that had piece of my pie was Elden.  Which actually worked out well as we all snacked on the yummy pie later that day.
Nov 26 2013 Shanna Ruth 1st grade Thanksgiving feast

Nov 26 2013 Haley Ruth 1st grade Thanksgiving feast

Nov 26 2013 Haley 1st grade Thanksgiving freast

They had TONS of food there and it cracked me up that there were potato chips there. I am sure the pilgrims never imagined a potato being cooked that way!  I gave Elden some food too...not sure actually if he was supposed to have some.  Oops!
Nov 26 2013 Elden Haley Shanna 1 grade Thanksgiving feast

It was fun to say hi to my girls and help our a ti-nee tiny bit. Haley was pretty anxious about me bringing a pie and getting it done on time.  Hopefully she was okay that morning when I was late.  The pie was all ready to go; I wasn't! I can appreciate her anxiousness though. Every year we have pumpkin pie for breakfast Christmas morning.  We did that growing up too.  When I was young I would get nervous Christmas Eve if it was getting late and there still weren't any pumpkin pies made for Christmas morning.  But lo and behold, every Christmas morning there would be pies! 

And a bonus photo....Shanna is holding the bear "Benny".  Benny gets to go home with kids in her first grade class.  Each child writes about their adventures at home with Benny the bear.  Shanna and her friend Brooklyn had fun one afternoon with Benny and other stuffed friends.  Now we just need to get Benny back to school!!!
Nov 25 2013 Brooklyn Clark Shanna

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