Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School

This post is a little out of order as I am not fully "caught up" on the blog.  But today was the first day of school, and I wanted to post about it sooner than later. Last night our friends the Frankes came over.  Lee gave each child a father's blessing for the start of school and then we had dessert.  (Lee himself has been ordained with the Priesthood-the power of God-and has the opportunity as the father in the home to give blessings to his family when sick, afflicted, or in need of help-like going back to school.  My dad gave me similar Priesthood blessings, while I was growing up.) It was fun visiting with the Frankes.  They don't have any kids and are new members in our church.  I felt like I should invite them to come over and join us for the evening and Andrew was really glad I did. Then Lee and the kids watched some of 20,000 Leagues  Under The Sea and finished the rest tonight.

For breakfast this morning Lee made German Pancakes.  Usually there aren't any left, but today three were. After school though three of the kids finished them off.
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (23)

Almost ready to head out the door!  Clark's expression is great.
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (5)

The line-up is starting of people ready to go! We just need to get Elden going on his bike!
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (6)

Aug 20 2013 First day of school (7)

Aug 20 2013 First day of school (8)

The school is about 6 blocks away.  It makes for a fast bike ride.  (Mom you'll be proud...I wear my helmet!) Elden keeps up pretty well on his scooter.  You can see from the picture Lee took, he's not last.
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (10)

Almost there!  The girls were really excited about school this morning.  Shanna acted like it was Christmas morning. 
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (12)

Clark is in 5th--the only grade to have classes upstairs.
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (13)

Shanna is in 1st.
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (14)

Haley is in 1st.
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (15)

Cal is in 3rd.  Cal did a fun little experiment in school and showed it to us tonight.
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (16)

And this lone boy is in pre-school... I guess.  I will be doing some things with him at home to get him ready for the 2014-2015 school year.  So weird he'll be off to school soon!  And he already got treats from the office ladies the first day!
Aug 20 2013 First day of school (18)

After we dropped off the kids, cleaned up and finished getting ready for the day, Elden and I headed to a Relief Society Activity.  It was potluck picnic in a park.  It was a lot of fun visiting with the other ladies there.  Later Elden and I went to Sharp Shopper and the Vally Pantry.  By the time I was done unloading the van, it was time to get the kids.  The had a great day at school and teachers were smiling too when I picked up the kids.  Maybe they were glad the first day was over?!


Lois said...

Fun photos of back-to-school days. The outfits are so cute. And congratulations, Ruth, for wearing your helmet.

Lena said...

Awesome post! I love the pic of all the kids lined up on bikes. You are so lucky you can bike to school!

Melissa S. said...

That is an AWESOME idea to throw legoes in the box to mess him up thinking you got him the game! haha.
That's so cute you all ride to school together and Lee rides to work! you are teaching your kids GREAT habits.