Friday, February 22, 2013


Has something ever come up in your life, a piece of news or a big project, and you can't seem to focus on anything else except that thing?  That has been me yesterday and today.

Yesterday we got some information concerning the rental house.  If you haven't read the earlier post about it, our landlord has been foreclosed on.  We got a "cash for keys" offer where if we vacate by a certain date, Freddie Mac will give us money.  If we chose a date in March we could have received $1000 more dollars, but we opted for the move out date near the end of April.  Plus, I called Freddi Mac, and we don't have to pay any rent March or April!  Pretty sweet.  This will definitely help with expenses for closings costs and improvements to the house.

So that was yesterday. 

Today we actually put an offer in on a house! (The one across the street.) The loan lady called me this morning saying that sometime this afternoon we should hear if we've been pre-qualified or not for a loan.  I went ahead and met with the realtor to go over the offer.  The kids had school canceled today (I really am not sure why...the snow was gone and melted by about 9:30am or so).  This afternoon we all took a trip into Harrisonburg for Lee to sign the offer.  We weren't sure yet if we should submit it or not because we still hadn't heard from the loan lady.  Really, worse case scenario is that we just wouldn't be able to buy the house because of financing.  I went ahead and brought the offer to our realtor.  Just a few minutes after I handed it to her and was still at her office, the loan lady called!  She said that we were pre-qualified! Now I hope we will be fully qualified to get the loan after the offer has been accepted. Since the house is an estate (or something like that) we gave them till Monday night to get back to us.  It would be awesome to hear something tomorrow of course!

Crazy day.  Now I feel less anxious though so that is good!  Now maybe the girls will get their jobs done since I can go in and supervise them now.  I'm not so distracted, ha ha.


Kaylene said...

We've had a lot of turmoil with the house we've been renting for almost 3 years now. It's been for sale for a year and they're threatening foreclosure if the investor's loan doesn't go through that's trying to buy it. Ugh! We've heard nothing for weeks, so I hope that's good news! So I get your anticipation with all this! It's so stressful just not kn
owing exactly what's going on! Good luck! :)

Melissa S. said...

Oh YAY!!! So it's across the street from where you live now? How cool is that? I hope you post pics eventually, k?
And getting out of paying rent for 2 months??!! Um yea, that's pretty much amazing!
Good work.