Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clark turns 9!

Clark turned 9 at the end of July.We celebrated his birthday a couple days early because some of his cousins were in town.  His cake request surprised me--in a good way!  He wanted a white circle cake with a grey H (for Lego Hero Factory) on it.  I already bought this square cake for $1--baked, frosted, ready to go!--at Sharp Shopper, and didn't have grey food coloring. But it seems Clark was satisfied with the final product.  (Thanks for understanding Clark!) It was the easiest cake...oh so easy! Want this cake for your birthday Elden???


He received some fun presents, cards and money for his birthday from family, grandparents and cousins. He used his birthday money from his grandparents to buy a Hero Factory Lego.

Clark started piano lessons this summer.  Since the kids weren't in any summer sport activities--when are they ever!, I thought starting piano in the summer would be great.  So far it's gone really well and Clark enjoys his lessons!  Haley has become pretty interested in the piano lately too.  Clark was hesitant about piano lessons at first, but after one lesson, realized it wasn't scary or hard. Glad he doesn't mind them so much because he has years ahead of them...just like the other kids! A teacher comes to our town and teaches at a local church, which is so convenient! As a side note, Clark and I also listened to the Fablehaven series this summer and loved it.  I would recommend it to all you families out there! 
So good! 

Clark also received his Wolf in Cub Scouts in August.  Now he is working on his Bear. Great job Clark!

Fuzzy picture, but he was happy with his accomplishment. We love you Clark! Happy Birthday!

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Megan and Jeremy said...

I can't believe you have a 9 yr old Ruth! It's fun to see your kids have interests & learn new things. Hyrum has been doing soccer & loving it. Good job on the piano & in scouts Clark!