Monday, April 23, 2012

Cal's Field Trip

I was able to go with Cal on his recent field trip to the Children's Museum.  I didn't even know that the near-by town had one!

March 29 2012 Cal field trip

The lesson segment of the field trip was on money--saving it and spending it (more or less). The kids each got to make a save box and a spend box.
March 29 2012 Cal field trip (2)

Though the Children's Museum is quite small, they made great use of the space.  There are very fun, themed areas throughout.  AND I found out it's free the first Friday of every month!
March 29 2012 Cal field trip (3)

March 29 2012 Cal field trip (4)

March 29 2012 Cal field trip with Ruth

Me with Cal's awesome teacher!
March 29 2012 RyAnn Dean and Ruth

Yep you really can "milk" the cow.  Water comes out, ha ha.
March 29 2012 Cal field trip (5)

We had a fun trip together. 
March 29 2012 Cal field trip (7)

The boys love creating lego stuff.  They get the free Lego Club magazine and often there are advertized lego creation contests.  Here are their entries.  Now we just need to send in the photos!
March 29 2012 Cal

March 29 2012 Clark (2)

I don't do too much creating of any sort myself, but every year the PTA has a pillow/basket auction at the school's spring carnival.  I volunteered to sew two pillow coverings.  A basket of goodies goes along with the corresponding pillow theme.
March 30 2012 Clark, Mrs. Wallace pillow - Copy

For some reason I didn't get quite as tight of fit on this pillow as the above sports one.  Oh well.  The tiger print is also on the back--you can see a smidgeon of it on the left.  The white fabric for the front of the pillow (and back if so desired) is a thin cotton.  Lee had the idea to line it with the tiger print fabric to give it some interest.  I thought it was a great idea so I went with it.
DSCN6017 - Copy

More posts to come; hopefully in the next few days!


Risa Stumm said...

Ruth, the pillows are GREAT!! Good work! So glad you were able to go on Cal's field trip-- doesn't that museum look awesome?!! I passed it the other day and was excited for when I can take my kids there!

Melissa S. said...

Cute pillows!!! I was SO concerned how hard they were pulling on those milk udders. It makes me hurt. :) hahaha. You look so teeny and your face is so super thin. I bet everyone says, "WHAT you have 5 KIDS?!?!?" because you still have such a young face.