Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cal's First Music Concert

Cal had his kindergarten music program last week. Mrs. Smith had a cute theme of princes and princesses.  Cal, um, well, looked a little bored up there.  He kept yawning and putting his hands in his pockets instead of doing the actions.  It was kind of funny because he was right in the front row.  He did do a few actions in a couple of songs.  Of course it was very obvious to me what he was doing because I am his parent. I guess he was wanting a little more Pavarotti or Caruso. 

April 26 2011 Cal Kindergarten Music Program, Mrs. Smith

April 26 2011 Cal Kindergarten Music, Mrs. Smith, Thayer Elementary

Aside from the music concert, on Sunday Lee and the kids built this tower:
May 1 2011 Clark Cal Shanna lego tower
Pretty cool.

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