Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happyland Maryland

For spring break last week we headed out to Maryland, promptly at 2:00 am, to see my sister Lois and her family. She had a baby back in December and I finally made it out to spoil her as if she just had her baby. We had a wonderful time with them and Jeff spoiled us by making delicious homemade ice cream and molten lava cakes! Lois and I enjoyed some fun times together while shopping, attending to the Relief Society birthday party at her ward, and visiting one of her friends that is expecting twins. I am excited that we will be moving by the Heits. I am sad we only had a week there! Here are some highlights of the trip:

Sunday night Jeff made some yummy rainbow cupcakes topped with whipped cream...YUM!
Mar 13 2011 Reed Cal Shanna Elden Haley Clark

Mar 13 2011 Ruth & Lois

Sunday night I pulled Cal's tooth out.  Just a few days before he told us it was loose.  On our drive to Maryland Lee noticed that his adult tooth had already grown in.  We didn't want to wait around for his baby tooth to fall out.  I was glad that Cal willingly let me pull it out---and that he wasn't traumatized from us pulling out two of Clark's teeth.  You can see his other tooth in the picture!
Mar 13 2011

Mar 14 2011 Cal, first tooth prize

Mar 14 2011 Reed Heit Haley Clark

Lois, Blake, Shanna and I made a stop at Georgetown cupcakes.
Mar 14 2011 Ruth & Shanna, Georgetown Cupcakes, Bethesda MD

Mar 14 2011 Shanna

Mar 14 Shanna

Elden turned TWO earlier this month and we waited a couple of days to celebrate with Lois and co.

The outline of the cake....can you tell what it is? Lee did a great job "designing" the cake.
Mar 14 2011 Elden 2nd bday cake

Ta da!  Thanks Lee for helping me with it!
Mar 14 2011 Elden and dog

Elden LOVES dog.  He'll have to be content with fake dogs though.
Mar 14 2011 Elden (2)

Looking quite happy and ready for cake!  At age two the medical people stop adjusting Elden's age. He can almost jump and lately has been saying a lot more words.  He seems to be developing well!  Heavenly Father has greatly blessed him. 
Mar 14 2011 Elden (5)

Mar 14 2011 Elden Shanna Clark Haley

He had lots of helpers in blowing out the candles. I re-lit them so he could do it all on his own.
Mar 14 2011 Shanna Clark Elden Haley Reed Heit

Elden blowing out the candles.  He looks so proud of himself at the end. 

Lois made Elden a DARLING super hero cape. Thanks Lois!  His other sole present (Duck the train) is still unopened....Elden doesn't know about it yet.  I need to remember to get it out today!
Mar 14 2011 Elden bday cape from Lois Heit

Jeff made yummy homemade chocolate chip ice cream.  Thanks Jeff!
Mar 14 2011 Elden 2nd bday cake (2)

Lee, Elden and I took a day and went to Virginia to go job hunting.  A sign that I couldn't resist snapping a picture of.
Mar 15 2011 Virginia

On St. Patrick's Day we went to a park nearby.  Shanna seems to have some leprechaun magic!
Mar 17 2011 Shanna

Mar 17 2011 Cal Shanna Haley

Mar 17 2011 Reed Heit

Mar 17 2011 Ruth Cal

Mar 17 2011 Elden Reed Heit, Cal Shanna Haley Clark

Lois, I am excited to live by you!!!
Mar 17 2011 Lois Heit Ruth

Blake is such a sweet baby.  What a doll!! I loved holding him.  Sorry I didn't help out more with him Lois!
Mar 17 2011 Blake Heit

Elden tuckered out our last full day there.  Well, I actually never put him down for a nap. 
Mar 18 2011 Elden at Heit's in Germantown MD

We had a wonderful visit and a safe drive home.  Lee even got bits and pieces of the BYU game Saturday night.  GO BYU!!!  With all the trips we go on, it is always nice pulling into the drive way unharmed and home safe.  Though, as with most trips, we wish this one would have lasted longer...


Lois said...

Yay!!! That was such a fun visit!!! I'm SO excited for August!!! :D :D

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Elden is such a cute 2 year old and the cake is AWESOME! You guys did a great job! Glad you had such a fun time :)