Sunday, August 23, 2009

We had a fun week!

On Wednesday Haley was sleeping on the couch. Shanna came downstairs at one point with her and Haley's blankets. Without any prompting, Shanna went straight to the couch and put a blanket on Haley. By the time I got the camera out Haley had moved, but what a kind gesture!

Thursday Lee and I went on a date to the hospital. Dr. Harrison, who was over Lee, retired and there was a farewell lunch for him. I am glad we brought Elden as Lee's co-workers enjoyed seeing him. And it was good to again meet the people that Lee works with.

On Friday Lexie was born! Congrats Roger and Brittany!

Since I didn't get a picture of Clark this week, here he is a year ago with Anthon and Haley in the background.

Cal wanted a photo-shoot with Elden

Shanna and Elden on Friday--notice the "baby bottle"?

Friday afternoon we were at the park. It was wonderful outside! Also this week, I met my weight goal! (According to my scale anyway...) Friday late afternoon I went grocery shopping. I
had a little taste of what grocery shopping will be like for the next couple of months. I don't know why, but it is so fun and exciting to go grocery shopping on a very limited budget. It's like trying to figure out a fun problem or puzzle. Many times in Memphis grocery shopping and putting together meals was not fun, but that was part of being a student. Now I know we aren't students and there is a HUGE end in sight (October 30th!) so I don't mind going back to a "student" food budget for two more months. I am going to miss the excitement and challenge of getting out of debt, as weird as that may seem!

Back to last week, Saturday Clark and Cal's friends came over in the morning. Then Lee and I went on a nice long date thanks to Kari! First we went to the USO for free nachos and granola bars for lunch, then we saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We thought the movie would be free, but it wasn't. At least we had a coupon for one of us to get into the movie for free!

We really enjoyed the movie even though the story was changed up a bit. Okay, quite a bit. What was funny was right when the movie finished, someone behind us said: "That was it?" Guess they never read the book! Yes the movie didn't show the big battle at the end of the book, but the very end of the movie was very appropriate. Before the movie--and every movie on base, a video collage is shown of military people in action while someone sings the national anthem. It was heightened by seeing 50+ servicemen in uniform standing at attention right there in the theater and it was wonderful to feel of the Spirit there. God has truly blessed this wonderful county that my family and I are so priviledged to live in. To end our Saturday, Lee and I played Zooloretto.

We've had a quiet Sunday (except for Shanna and Haley during sacrament meeting). We are enjoying the RED tomatoes from our garden again in salsa today! Thanks Dad!

Here are the kids (3/5ths of them) this evening. Thanks for the pj's Kelly! They love them!

So was anybody fooled by the black and white picture? Since most of you don't know who Lexie is, I guess it didn't faze you. But the color photo of Lexie remined Lee and I very much of Haley when she was born. The black and white photo is of Haley. That would be awesome and funny if Lexie did end up looking like Haley.

I was going to write more, but my thoughts have left me. Maybe they are resting on the Sabbath too.


andyandsteph said...

I loved the story about Shanna and Haley. That is so cute!!!

Gianetta said...

Super cute kids! Elden is looking so cute and chubby!! Glad that everything is working out so well for you all! Congrats on getting out of debt! I guess we will have to wait another thirty years now, but this house is worth it :) Hope to see you soon!

Lena said...

Shanna and Haley are getting so tall! Elden is also looking a lot bigger. Your date sounded fun.

Photo Crazy! said...

Way to go on becoming debt free. I feel like that day will never end since Alan built his new office last year. I did see an end in site before that, but no more. 20 more years is a long time. So feel good while it lasts. Your kids are darling. I wish I could see them in person, but blogging is next best.

Kelly said...

Cute family! Love the story about Shanna covering Haley up with a blanket - so sweet!

Nicole said...

Little girls are so nurturing, I need to pick me up one of those!! And Woohoo on becoming debt free, what an accomplishment!

Polly said...

Since we moved we now have a new budget and the first few months always seems to spend more than we wanted (like new charges for utilites setup and bills stuff like that) and we found that the only place we could cut down was grocery... I know what you are talking about, but our household size is just half of yours, maybe I don't know exactly how it is like.

Elden is adorable!